Farmers submit plans for 'doggy day care centre' on field at Swanland in East Yorkshire

A family farming business is seeking planning permission for a "doggy day care centre" on farmland at Swanland in East Yorkshire.

The plans propose turning a four-acre field off Dale Road used for grazing horses into an area for dogs to exercise.

In the last couple of years, dog walking fields have become an increasingly popular way of diversifying farming income.

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Hundreds of acres across the UK are being used for the purpose – with new ones added all the time.

The location of the site at SwanlandThe location of the site at Swanland
The location of the site at Swanland

The field, with cabins for the dogs, a car park and 1.9m high fence, aims to provide a “safe and secure” environment for the pets.

The plans state that the business will employ five staff, with a “carer to dog ratio of one to eight”.

The applicants say they had over 15,000 individual bookings for their other two dog walking fields in the first 18 months of operation.

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They add: “In this time, we have had no incidents or reports of noise. It has shown the local demand for secure, decent and most importantly well-maintained dog facilities is required.

"This will give owners an opportunity to drop off their dogs and be able to go to work knowing they are in a stimulating environment while interacting with other dogs.”