Modern technology doesn't rule our lives, says the Yorkshire Shepherdess on The One Show

The Yorkshire Shepherdess, Amanda Owen, said that in the countryside technology is at "our beck and call" but people are not ruled by it during an appearance on national television.

Mrs Owen appeared on The One Show on the BBC to promote the new series of Our Yorkshire Farm, which starts again on Channel 5 next Tuesday from 8pm.

With eight of her nine children in tow after a long journey to London Kings Cross by train, Mrs Owen was interviewed by presenters Matt Baker and Alex Scott this evening.

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Referring to her large family, Mrs Owen said: "I never envisaged this, there was no planning. There was no planning at all. We just make it up as we go along.

Amanda Owen. Picture: James Hardisty.Amanda Owen. Picture: James Hardisty.
Amanda Owen. Picture: James Hardisty.

"I live in the perfect place to have a big family, we've 2,000 acres there's lots of room to roam.

"So it's a good place to grow up, I hope it's a good place to grow up."

On the subject of digital technology, she said: "Instead of it ruling our lives, it's at our beck and call, if you know what I mean. We can be connected, the older ones have a phone, but nobody's going to ring them up."

She said the family "get the best of both worlds".

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Mrs Owen and her family were filming the second series of the show earlier this year, and the programme won a legion of fans when it was first broadcast last year.

Following the family at their Ravenseat farm in Richmond, North Yorkshire, their back to basics lifestyle has proved a hit with viewers.

Her third book, Adventures of a Yorkshire Shepherdess, also came out this year and Mrs Owen is was talks about a fourth installment.

She previously told The Yorkshire Post: “I can’t sing, I can’t dance, but I can shepherd and I can write a bit, so I hope there will be more books.”