The Yorkshire Post says: Ministers back May on Brexit. PM's political masterstroke?

THERESA May appeared last night to have pulled off a political masterstroke by securing Cabinet backing for a new UK-European Union free trade area for goods as part of a Brexit battleplan agreed by Ministers at an all-day meeting.

Theresa May has Cabinet backing for her Brexit plan but will it last?

Yet, while this agreement buys the Prime Minister some time and appears, in particular, to reconcile the specific dilemmas over Northern Ireland’s border, the full support of her top team will be key in the coming days when the specific details emerge in a White Paper due to be put to Parliament next week.

Not only does the PM still need the backing of her more Eurosceptic MPs, but she then has to secure the agreement of the EU without making any concessions that risk alienating and antagonising the more ardent Brexiteers who appear, already, to be uneasy over the plan’s close alignment to existing arrangements.

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With October’s crucial EU summit already looming, Mrs May has very limited room for manoeuvre or negotiation at home or abroad. However, while it appears that the views of pro-business Ministers have been heeded after a succession of leading industrialists put pressure on the Government, the whole Cabinet will now be expected to pull together and provide the leadership that the country has been demanding for so long.

After all, the Brexit concerns expressed by agricultural leaders on the eve of the Great Yorkshire Show are indicative of the discernible unease that has grown right across the country as a result of the policy vacuum.

Ministers have spent too much time fighting their own battles instead of formulating a Brexit strategy which protects the economy and seeks to heel the differences that became so evident during the 2016 referendum. They’ve made a belated start. Now they must finish the job or risk the electorate’s wrath if they don’t support Mrs May.