GCSEs 2017: Yorkshire mum sits GCSE exam just 28 hours after giving birth

A young Yorkshire mum sat her maths GCSE exam just 28 hours after giving birth.

Sophie Broughton and baby Izaak.

Bradford College student Sophie Broughton, 16, from Shipley, even brought her newborn son, Izaak, into college with her, with her own mother waiting with her baby in the college café while Sophie tackled the sums.

Having not missed a single exam despite being heavily pregnant, Ms Broughton was adamant she would make it in for her final exam.

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“As soon as he was born I knew I could go in the next day,” said Ms Broughton, who was in labour for seven hours before Izaak was born at 5.02am on June 7.

“It was my last exam so I wanted to make sure I did it and completed everything.

“I think my tutors and classmates were pretty surprised to be see me I thought it would be silly not to go in after doing all the work.

“I can’t actually remember too much about the exam. I know I didn’t get chance to do much last minute revision but I think it went ok.”

Ms Broughton, who had already sat three science papers, two English papers and another maths exam before her postnatal paper, plans to carry on studying and has a place lined up on a Level 2 childcare course at college should she get the grades she needs.

She is currently on holiday so will be receiving her results by post, although tutors at the college have indicated she should be able to progress on to her course.

Tracy Wilkinson, 14-19 manager at Bradford College, said: “Sophie’s dedication to her education is truly impressive.

“To turn up for an exam so soon after giving birth is a real indication of her strength of character.

“We wish her, and Izaak, all the best in the future.”

“She should be incredibly proud of herself.”

Ms Broughton's mother added: “I have high hopes for Sophie and I am very proud of how much effort she put in to complete all the exams.”

More than 2,000 students sat GCSE examinations at Bradford College this year.