Georgie is the star on results day as she secures place at Cambridge.

SINCE she was an eight-year-old cast in the role of Lucy in the Narnia films Georgie Henley has had to balance the demands of her career as an actress with her school work.
Georgie Henley.Georgie Henley.
Georgie Henley.

But her A-level results show she has made it work as ten years on she is celebrating earning a place at Cambridge University after achieving top grades at Bradford Grammar School.

The teenager from Ilkley earned an A* in history and two As in English literature and Latin.

She is now going to read English at Cambridge.

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She said: “It was amazing to get these results. I just really wanted to do my best and you do feel a lot of pressure with an A* in the offer.”

Talking about the balances of pursuing her career while studying for exams she said: “It has been very difficult at times, particularly when you get to A-levels because you have to be self-motivated but I really love education.

“It has been great being at Bradford Grammar School and all my teachers have really supported me.

“I am really excited about going to university but I still want to keep on acting.”

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She was first cast as Lucy in the Chronicles of Narnia Films when she was an eight-year-old and has had to balance gruelling filming schedules throughout her school life.

As well as appearing in the the movie adaptations of the CS Lewis fantasy series she has also starred in a BBC TV adaptation of Jane Eyre.

Two years ago she celebrated achieved eight A*s and two As at GCSE.

She also had film commitments during her A-levels.

In 2011 she got the role as Beth in the Perfect Sisters film and she has also been cast as lead character Mary Warren in the upcoming “Sisterhood of the Night film based on the Salem Witch trials.

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She added; “My first acting job was the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe so it was a real jump in at the deep end from doing nativity plays and pantomimes. I know I have been given some incredible opportunities.”

Bradford Grammar School’s headmaster Kevin Riley said: “I am delighted to hear that Georgie has done so well in her exams. She has worked so hard with her studies in and amongst filming her latest film role. She is a credit to the school and shows what can be achieved if you are willing to work hard enough.”

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