£2m scheme to install solar panels to power 22 classrooms in Yorkshire approved

A scheme to install solar panels to power classrooms at Wakefield Council-run schools has been approved.

Solar panels can now put in place out in place on roofs and land at up to 22 schools across the district.

The £2m renewable energy project forms part of the local authority’s aim to become carbon neutral.

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The scheme could lead to an annual reduction of 456 tonnes of greenhouse gas.

£2m solar-powered classrooms project given the go-ahead£2m solar-powered classrooms project given the go-ahead
£2m solar-powered classrooms project given the go-ahead

Senior councillors agreed a proposal to work in partnership with Solar for School (SfS), a not-for-profit organisation.

Jack Hemingway, cabinet member for environment and climate change, told a meeting: “This is a really positive scheme.

“Our district’s young people are really passionate about taking action on the environment.

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“Another exciting part of the scheme is that funding is provided for a climate-based education programme to help inform and educate children at the schools.”

Schools have been assessed for suitability and a shortlist drawn up.

Installation of the solar panels would enable a direct feed of renewable electricity to the schools.

It could lead to an annual reduction of 456 tonnes of greenhouse gas.

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SfS have worked with a number of schools and local authorities.

The organisation would retain the rights to sell any surplus electricity to the national grid.

Coun Hemingway said: “The proposals will be subject to individual assessment and agreement on a school-by-school basis, and only where schools want to take part.

“We are not going to force their hand in any way.

“If it is not right for them they don’t have to.”

The 22 short-listed schools for the Solar for Schools project are:– Ackworth Howard J&I School, Ackworth.– Badsworth J&I School, Badsworth.– Dane Royd J&I School, Crigglestone.– Mackie Hill J&I School, Crigglestone.– Fairburn View Primary School, Castleford.– Featherstone Purston St Thomas’ Junior School, Featherstone.– Harewood Centre Nursery School, Pontefract.– Hendal Primary School, Kettlethorpe.– Kettlethorpe High School, Kettlethorpe.– Moorthorpe Primary School, Moorthorpe.– Newton Hill Community School, Wakefield.– Northfield Primary School, South Kirkby.– Ossett Flushdyke J&I School, Ossett.– Ossett South Parade Primary School, Ossett.– Shay Lane J&I School, Crofton.– Carlton J&I School, South Elmsall.– Common Road Infants and Nursery School, South Kirkby.– Stanley Grove Primary & Nursery School, Stanley.– Stanley St Peters Primary School, Stanley.– Upton Primary School, Upton.– Wakefield Lawefield Primary School, Wakefield.– Wakefield Snapethorpe Primary School, Lupset, Wakefield