Rethink Food unites thousands of primary school pupils to tackle food insecurity

Rethink Food, a not-for-profit food education and food redistribution organisation has brought together 500 primary schools to confront the injustice of food insecurity faced by UK families.More than 125,000 pupils participated in the same school assembly called ‘It’s Time to Rethink Food’ last week. Designed by the Rethink Food team, the assembly marked the start of the journey to level out children’s understanding of food and nutrition and what it means to live a food secure life.

Pupils talked about how food is grown, how to shop more sustainably, how to cook more healthily and were empowered to make the right decisions for their bodies now and into adulthood.

As part of the assembly, the team unveiled Rethink Food’s first song titled ‘It’s Time to Rethink Food’ which was written by the team, performed by Lauren Williams and produced by Tom Mitchell.

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Here’s a link to YouTube karaoke version of the song and the lyrics are at the bottom of the press release:

Children from St Philips Catholic School take part in the 'It's time to Rethink Food ' assemblyChildren from St Philips Catholic School take part in the 'It's time to Rethink Food ' assembly
Children from St Philips Catholic School take part in the 'It's time to Rethink Food ' assembly

Nathan Atkinson, co-founder of Rethink Food, says: “There is a massive discrepancy and injustice across the UK in terms of children’s knowledge of food and wellbeing. As a result, we’re seeing rising levels of obesity, tooth decay and hunger in young people which is a healthcare crisis waiting to happen when this generation enters adulthood*.

“We strongly believe that educating children and empowering them to make better food and lifestyle choices will tackle food insecurity. Doing this in an upbeat and joyous class assembly through the power of song is a brilliant way to inspire kids to make better food choices, that benefit both people and the planet.”

Kevin Precious, assistant head teacher at Morley Victoria Primary School, adds: “It was a no-brainer for us to take part in this activity as we’re big advocates for the Rethink Food educational platform and have been engaged in the programme for many years now. We knew it would spark debate, engage the children and we were excited for the song to be revealed!”

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Schools can still download the ‘It’s Time to Rethink Food’ assembly and an additional four free assemblies by clicking here

The Rethink Food concept was established in 2014 by former teachers Nathan Atkinson and Kevin Mackay to tackle the immediate need of reducing food hunger as a barrier to learning. Since then, the business has evolved and the team is committed to producing fun, engaging education material that holds children’s attention and sparks their imagination.

It not only helps to upskill teachers in a complex and ever-evolving subject matter, but it also beds into daily teaching timetables by encompassing many subjects on the curriculum such as maths, English, science, art and PE as well as food education. Rethink Food has set an ambitious target of delivering ten million hours of education by 2030.

The industry pioneering teaching material includes lesson plans, short films, downloadable and adaptable content as well as more interactive resources such as the space age non-soil growing towers.

Any corporations inspired to get involved by pledging time, funds, or resources to Rethink Food should get in touch via

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