Teacher suspended for online ‘thick’ remark

A teacher at the centre of a storm over derogatory remarks made on a social networking site has been suspended. The teacher, who works at Westcott Primary School in Hull, faces an investigation after he branded locals “thick” and “inbred” on Facebook

Hull Council is investigating after being called in by the Interim Executive Board at the school, in east Hull, which only recently came off the Government’s “special measures” blacklist.

The head of governors has apologised to parents for the remarks made during a conversation between the female teacher, which also apparently involved headteacher Debbie Johnson and other staff.

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When one of them said he was in town and fed up of bumping into children, the teacher apparently responded: “do you mean top end of holderness road? that’s bout as far as anyone in east hull goes! no wonder everyone is thick... inbreeding must damage brain development.”

Copies of the chat appeared afterwards posted on lampposts near the school.

An investigation by Hull Council is expected to take a couple of weeks. The council has said all professionals “need to be be mindful of professional expectations in relation to all communication, even in their own time.”

The school, which has about 250 pupils, went into special measures last March.

It was removed from the blacklist after an inspection at the beginning of the month, although the report has yet to be published.