WOW factor makes Wakefield QEGS Junior School 'every little boy’s dream'

QEGS Junior School is every little boys dream writesHead Louise Gray @Louise_head
QEGS Junior School is every little boys dream writesHead Louise Gray @Louise_head
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THERE'S a WOW factor about Wakefield QEGS Junior School for boys aged four to 11 years, writes Head Louise Gray.

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QEGS Junior School is every little boy’s dream - where your son will begin his exciting journey to manhood, writes Mrs Gray.

The boys at QEGS Junior School are known as ‘QEGlets’, they are simply amazing!

The boys are creative and full of imagination, they love coming to school and every day is an adventure for them. No two days are ever the same and I can guarantee that each day there is always fun, laughter and excitement.

QEGS Boys Junior School Open Morning is on Saturday, October 5, 9.30am to 1pm

QEGS Boys Junior School Open Morning is on Saturday, October 5, 9.30am to 1pm

The QEGS curriculum has been designed by us to meet the unique learning styles and interests of boys, which engages, enthuses and challenges each and every one of them. Many of the ideas for our lessons are driven by the boys and what excites and ignites their passions. The teachers have a wonderful relationship with the boys and enjoy friendly camaraderie with them.

Each year we have a surprise WOW Week, where the boys and their parents arrive at school to find that over the weekend the whole school building has turned into an alien planet, an Olympic Stadium, Hogwarts or Narnia, to name but a few of the transformations… to see it is to believe it!

It’s the highlight of the school year for the boys, parents and staff.

From Forest School activities to mountain biking, from camping to cooking, there is always plenty of action and adventure in our fun and happy school. We understand young boys and we are well equipped to meet their developmental needs at each stage of their education.

The ethos at QEGS Junior School is to ensure that each boy is, first and foremost, a happy boy, who reaches his full potential, whether that is on the academic or sporting front, music, drama, or very importantly just being a QEGlet to be proud of!

As a parent, I understand that choosing where your little boy goes to school is such a big step in his – and your – life.

We are a caring community where boys, staff and parents work closely together.

In our recent inspection 98% of parents were extremely happy with the school.

The size of the school allows us to provide a wide range of options for boys, but also ensures that each boy feels a sense of belonging.

This can only be understood and appreciated by visiting the school, talking with us and seeing the boys in action. We would love to have you join us for our Open Day on Saturday, October 5, 2019.



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