YP Letters: Are too many students going into higher education?

From: DS Boyes, Upper Rodley Lane, Bramley, Leeds.
Are free tuition fees sustainable?Are free tuition fees sustainable?
Are free tuition fees sustainable?

ONE bright idea by Labour is to end university tuition fees payable by students. These are actually paid by the Government in England via the student loan scheme, with about 60 per cent later recovered from graduates.

New Labour, in its wisdom ,first introduced fees at £3,000 per annum, but under devolution for Scotland and Wales, allowed these administrations to provide tuition free not only for local students, but for those of any other EU country – except England.

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When education is a national service provided by government from general taxation, it seems bizarre that Labour allowed such discrimination – perhaps Tony Blair and Gordon Brown both being Scots had some bearing.

The 2010 coalition Government trebled the fees after the Lib Dems betrayed their manifesto promise not to increase them. But is the real problem cost?

Instead of just the brightest and best, are there too many going into higher education?

With the obvious lack of meaningful employment opportunities in post-
industrial Britain, it is hardly surprising.