15 signs of children's cancer to look out for - could you recognise the symptoms?

The parents of a three-year-old girl found out she had cancer after a cute photograph of her falling asleep in a swing turned out to be a symptom of the deadly disease.

Izzy fell asleep on the swing - and it turned out to be a sign of cancer. Photo: SWNS

Dad Dave Fletcher, 39, thought he was capturing a tender childhood moment when he pictured daughter Izzy dozing off at a playground when she was 23-months-old.

But just a few weeks later Dave and wife Vicky, 37, were left devastated after their toddler daughter's tiredness turned out to be a sign that she had leukaemia.

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What are the signs of cancer in children to look out for?

Izzy fell asleep on the swing - and it turned out to be a sign of cancer. Photo: SWNS

These symptoms do not necessarily mean someone has cancer. Cancer symptoms can be very similar to those of other childhood illnesses. And they vary between children. The symptoms listed below are not usually cancer, but please see a doctor if your child has any of these symptoms:

Unable to wee or has blood in their wee

An unexplained lump, firmness or swelling anywhere in their body

Unexplained bleeding

Feeling tired all the time

Persistent abdominal pain or swelling

Back pain or bony pain that doesn't go away

Frequent infections or flu-like symptoms

Unexplained seizures or changes in behaviour

Unexplained vomiting (being sick)

Headaches that don't go away

Unexplained weight loss

Feeling short of breath

Frequent or unexplained bruising, unusual paleness or a rash of small red or purple spots that can't be explained

Chances in appearance of the eye or unusual eye reflections in photos