Action needed to address plight of women living with endometriosis - The Yorkshire Post says

Yorkshire women living with endometriosis have told this newspaper about the devastating effect the chronic condition has had on their lives.

They talk of the mental toll, the physical pain and the impact on work and relationships. One described the condition as a “hidden epidemic”, largely silently endured.

What is endometriosis? The painful condition explained.Their stories are sadly representative of thousands of women up and down the country. On average, it takes seven and a half years for women to get a diagnosis, a simply unacceptable length of time to be left in the dark with debilitating symptoms and, often, no treatment to ease them.

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MPs are now launching an inquiry into women’s experiences of endometriosis. Whilst this is a welcome step, urgent action must also be taken to invest in research, reduce diagnosis times, and improve access to treatment.

Pontefract teenager Chloe-Elizabeth Elliott is one of those who has spoken to The Yorkshire Post about her experiences living with endometriosis.

Comedian Eleanor Thom says her book on life with endometriosis is 'friend I never had'With around 1.5 million women in the UK affected, no cure and no known cause, this is a condition that must not be ignored.