Harrogate volunteers sewing scrubs and gowns to protect hospital workers

A community campaign has rallied in a time of need, with hundreds of volunteers across Harrogate now sewing scrubs for hospital workers.

The project has grown to such a size that volunteers are in need of more sewers to take up their needles in support of the cause.

The Harrogate Scrubbers, which had initially fundraised to sew 80 scrubs after an appeal from Harrogate Hospital's community charity, is now looking to create 1,000 in total.

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They have also now been tasked with creating a further 1,000 gowns to help hospital staff and, while people are rallying with donations of money, fabric and time, more is needed.

"We could see there was a need, nationally, due to supply chains, and we volunteered to coordinate with Harrogate District Foundation Trust (HDFT)," said Fran Taylor, a maths teacher at St John Fisher's school in the town.

"I thought it would be fun to sew some scrubs - we've now got 350 people. It just got bigger very quickly, we always need more sewers.

"We would like to fulfil Harrogate's requests, then expand perhaps to GP surgeries or the care industry. For that, we will need more funds and more fabric."

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There have been donations of fabric, patterns and cash, including an anonymous donation of £5,000. The Lions are supporting, as are the Masons, and Ripon's council has funded 150 scrubs.

The volunteers group, coordinated over Facebook, is now in search of new sewers who can help back the cause.

"It's a great community spirit, it's fantastic how everybody has come together," said Mrs Taylor.

"It's about supporting the NHS, and the hospital, but also about finding a purpose when you haven't got a rythm to daily life. People have really enjoyed it."

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Any funds raised will go to buying fabric, at a cost of £27 for three sets of scrubs and a laundry bag which means hospital workers can better protect themselves.

"Even if you can’t sew, we need people to deliver the fabric and patterns to the homes of the people who can help out," added Mrs Taylor.

"We need people who can help cut the huge rolls of fabric in spaces like village halls, volunteers to cover the admin behind the deliveries, and we need supplies donating and money raising."

Community support

Among those backing the initiative are Matthew Stamford from Verity Frearson, who said: "Whilst my own sewing skills aren’t up to much, we can help fund the materials needed and promote the scheme to get others involved."

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White Rose Sewing is supporting the scheme with support for materials, while Interior Design firm Furnish & Fettle is providing 800m of fabric and getting its team sewing.

HDFT’s chief operating officer Robert Harrison said: ‘We are overwhelmed by the public response to supporting both the NHS and our local hospital and staff.

"The ability to change out of work clothes, wash everything at 60 degrees and avoid any cross contamination is becoming increasingly important as the number of patients in hospitals grow.

"Community initiatives like this are very welcome, as there simply aren’t enough supplies to cover all staff. We are very grateful for the support of members of the public – thank you to the wonderful local community for your support for the NHS."

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To find out more about the group, search for Harrogate Scrubbers on Facebook, or click here to donate.


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