Number of volunteers to help out NHS in time of crisis reaches 750,000

The number of people who have volunteered to help the NHS combat coronavirus has reached 750,000 – three times the initial target, the Royal Voluntary Service has announced.

Volunteers reached three-quarters of a million just two days after the target was increased due to it hitting the initial 250,000 goal within less than 24 hours.

The drive will now be temporarily paused to enable the RVS to process the applications and work together with the NHS to get the volunteer army up and running.

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Meanwhile, Michael Gove has said the peak of the coronavirus is dependent on people’s actions.

Three quarters of a million people have now signed up to volunteer for the NHS during the coronavirus crisis.

Speaking on the BBC’s Marr programme, the Cabinet Office minister said there is no fixed point for when a peak for the virus will be.

Asked when that point could be reached, he said: “It’s difficult to know precisely, it depends on the action that all of us take.

“If we practice the social distancing measures, if we follow the rules that the Government has outlined, if we follow that good scientific advice, then we can delay the infection rate and that gives our NHS the chance to become more resilient.

“So, the date of the peak depends on all of our behaviour. It’s not a fixed point, a date in the calendar like Easter, it is something that all of us can affect by our actions.”

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