Patient from West Yorkshire who spent 48 days in coronavirus coma returns home

A patient from West Yorkshire who spent 48 days in a coma due to coronavirus has returned home - following a rapturous emotional send off by hospital staff.

Colleagues from three wards at Bradford Royal Infirmary gathered to clap and cheer as Mohammed Azeem, 35, finally left the hospital.

Mohammed was brought into hospital suffering from the virus on April 14 and was initially cared for in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), where he needed to be put on a respirator.

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After 48 days in a coma, he eventually regained consciousness and was transferred to Ward 6 and then Ward 26, from where he was released.


In total he spent 68 days in hospital.

Mohammed, who works as a taxi driver in Bradford said: “I don’t think the nurses could believe it when I finally came out of the coma and was able to talk to them and then stand up.

"I know I was at death’s door and I couldn’t have got through this if it hadn’t been for the doctors and nurses and the physiotherapists.

"I haven’t the words to say just how grateful I am.”

Tragically while Mohammed was in a coma, his mum passed away.

She was also in ICU with Covid-19.

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Mohammed added: “When I came out of the coma and the nurses told me about my mum, it was devastating.

"I wanted to see my dad and the rest of family but because of infection risks I couldn’t; that was one of the hardest things.

"But the nurses treated me like their family and were by my side day and night, supporting me and keeping me going and giving me a reason to get better.

“When they finally said I could go home, I couldn’t believe it and as I was leaving, I was crying and some of the nurses were crying.

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"These people have saved my life. I still have a long road to recovery but each day I am feeling that bit stronger. I just want to say thank you to all those who helped me.”

Chief Nurse, Karen Dawber said: “When we see a patient go home from hospital to their family, it gives the staff a real boost and brings home the difference they are making.

“Of all our Covid inpatients, Mohammed has been with us the longest to date.

"He was extremely unwell and the staff and his family never gave up hope. His story has touched us all.

“He has shown true fighting spirit and a real zest for life and we wish him all the very best for his continued recovery.”