Family launch desperate fundraising campaign for six-year-old Mia who has rare condition Tracheomalacia

A family have launched a desperate fundraising campaign to get six-year-old Mia life-changing help for a rare condition that means she struggles to breathe.

Six-year-old Mia surfers with a rare condition called Tracheomalacia which means she struggles to breathe. Photo provided by Mia's parents.

Little Mia, from Rotherham, struggles to breathe normally due to a condition called Tracheomalacia.

The condition means her trachea and bronchus are 'floppy' and cannot stay open during breathing.

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Mia has been in and out of hospital since she was four months old and any cough or cold she picks up often puts her in hospital.

She is also at a much higher risk of catching respiratory infections and has a harder time recovering from them.

Mia has been on several different medications but nothing has helped and her mum, Laura France, has now launched a fundraising campaign to try and get a consultation with a Tracheomalacia specialist in America.

Mum Laura said: "She was only four months she became quite poorly

"Initially they said it was asthma but I knew it was more than that because it is not normal for a little girl to be losing oxygen every week.

"At three they realised she had a heart issue and she had surgery but she was still poorly so a year later she had more tests and it was found that she had Tracheomalacia.

"She's only six but since then she's been on so many types of medication. Nothing is helping."

Sadly, Laura's mum said Mia has now reached an age where she has realised she is "different" and often comes home from school upset that she "can't keep up with her friends" due to her breathing issues.

Laura said: "She's starting to realise that she is different.

"She's come home crying a few times now because she can't keep up with her friends at school.

"Mia is so tired all the time as her body's working extra hard just to breathe.

"She can't walk far so we have got her a disability pushchair but she gets called a baby by people at school.

"She's got no confidence and she's very shy. It's heartbreaking."

The mother-of-one's life has been put at a standstill, as she spends most of her time worrying about Mia.

Laura explained: "I can't bear to be away from her because I am scared something will happen.

"She went to sleep at my mum's once and within an hour we had to go back to rush her to hospital as she couldn't breathe.

"I don't really go out anymore because even when she's at school I'm worried I might have to rush and get her.

"I stay up with all her night as sometimes she stops breathing so I'm scared to leave her."

Laura and dad Jamie have spent many hours searching online and speaking to other Tracheomalacia sufferers to try and find some answers for Mia.

They now hope the fundraising campaign will raise enough money to have an online consultation with the American specialist.

Laura said: "We've been back and forth with doctors and the hospital but they just keep swapping and trying new medications.

"We need to try something new to find a solution as it is beginning to seriously affect her - and us too.

"After researching, we've found a doctor in America who specialises in this condition and he's known as one of the best in the world.

"A consultation with him would mean the world.

"We are desperate. I hate doing anything like this but we are so desperate to get some answers."

Laura and Jamie are hoping to raise £900 so that Mia can see the Tracheomalacia specialist in America.

If you would like to donate to their cause please visit their Go Fund Me page here.