Huddersfield woman whose parents were both diagnosed with cancer takes on midnight MoonWalk marathon

Emily Budd lost her dad Bill to cancer and then her mum Sam was diagnosed with the disease too. Sam has since completed her treatment. On Saturday 18th May, 24 year old Emily will be walking a 26.2 miles ”Full Moon” in their honour at The MoonWalk London, organised by breast cancer charity Walk the Walk.

Thousands of women and men wearing decorated bras and brightly coloured bra t-shirts will gather in London this May to walk a Half Moon (15.1 miles) or Full Moon (26.2 miles) to raise money and awareness for breast and other cancers. Among them will be Emily Budd from Huddersfield.

Emily (24) says: ”We found out that my dad Bill was poorly, while I was in the middle of my exams back in 2017. It was a massive shock, when he died just eight weeks later at the age of only 52, from a form of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. Exactly where he came into contact with it, is still a mystery. I’d just turned 18 when he passed away.

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Fast forward to 2020, during lockdown, when my mum Sam found a lump between her breast and armpit. I remember her calling me through to her bedroom, telling me that she’d found a lump and asking me to have a feel of it.

Emily Budd with her mum SamEmily Budd with her mum Sam
Emily Budd with her mum Sam

She went to see her GP, was referred to the hospital and had all the usual tests, including a biopsy. We have no history of breast cancer in the family at all, so it was a huge surprise when Mum’s results came back and showed that she had oestrogen and breast cancer. My younger brother Tom and I joke that we must be cursed as a family! Mum had surgery to remove lymph nodes, followed by chemotherapy, then radiotherapy.

Even after Dad’s diagnosis, I’d started making a conscious effort to check my breasts regularly. If you check once a month at the same time, you’ll get to know how your breasts feel normally, which means that you’ll spot something more quickly if there’s a change. I’m only 24 and most people my age think that checking your breasts is only really for older people.

I can’t wait to take part in the Full Moon (26.2 miles) at this year’s MoonWalk London – it’ll be very emotional night, after everything we’ve been through. Mum’s done the event herself previously and I feel like I’m following in her footsteps – this year it’s my turn to walk for her. I’m already thinking about next year, when I hope to take part again – this time alongside my mum”.

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Emily’s mum Sam Budd (52) adds:- “Cancer has really affected our family and obviously the disease brings a lot of negatives, but it's brought so much positivity too. It was a big enough wake-up call losing Bill, but then obviously to have everything which I’ve been through too has been very hard. It’s so important to appreciate everything which you do have. My late husband had a saying that ‘Every day is a good day’. Emily and I both have this tattooed on our bodies, because it means so much to us. I try and instil into both children that even when we have bad days, it’s still a good day. It’s a mantra which we all have to live by”.

To sign up for The MoonWalk London 2024 on Saturday 18th May, go to

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