I'm raising funds to give my little boy the childhood he deserves

A YORKSHIRE mother has embarked on a fundraising mission to give her little boy the childhood he deserves.

Jack Sowden, four, his mother Claire and sister and Olivia, ten.

Four-year-old Jack Sowden has been diagnosed with a rare muscle-wasting disease which is likely to see him wheelchair-bound by the time he is ten.

And his family fear that the youngster will be left unable to hug them when the condition begins to affect his arms.

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The Sowden’s world fell apart in April when Jack was told by specialists that he had Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

The rare genetic condition affects just a small number of boys across the country.

But now his determined family, who live in Pocklington, are hoping to raise money to ensure they can make the most of every single minute they have together with Jack.

His mother Claire Sowden and Jack’s three sister have set up a fundraising website to create happy childhood memories with the youngster.

His mother said: “It was just a complete shock I wasn’t expecting it at all.

“He will lose his ability to walk and then it will affect his arms and he won’t be able to hug us anymore.

“It basically just gets worse then it will be his heart muscles and he will have respitory problems.”

So far they have received more than £700 on their online go fund me website page and a family friend has raised around £1,000 to support their fundraising efforts.

Ms Sowden added: “Hopefully if he needs any equipment we will be able to buy it from money in the fund. Mostly I want him to enjoy his childhood and create a lot of happy memories.

Jack, who has recently started infant school, loves Star Wars and his mum has made a wish through Rays of Sunshine to take her son to ‘Star Wars Land’ when it opens.

Ms Sowden wrote on her go fund me page: “We know that Jack’s life will be short.

“We want to make the time that he has count.

“The next few years will be time to make memories and try to fit in a lifetime of experiences.

“I know I’m the one who has to do this for him and make this happen, but on my very limited income this will be tough.

“Still, I am determined to do everything I can for my son.

“While I hate having to think about money at a time like this, I know it could help Jack in so many ways – everything from taking him to the beach to buying the equipment he needs to be as independent as possible.

“His sisters, Jack, and I would be so grateful for any help, I know it could make a big difference.”

The Cross Keys, in Market Street, Pocklington, is holding a fundraising event next month in a bid to support the family.

Ms Sowden added: “I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us and donated.”

For more details visit www.gofundme.com/JackinaJam.