Jabs given to children at this Yorkshire GP surgery may not work after vaccines were stored incorrectly

Some patients at a GP surgery in Yorkshire could have been immunised with vaccinations that may not work.

Patients, including young children, at Prospect Surgery, Ossett will have to be revaccinated after it was discovered that a number of vaccines were stored at the wrong temperature for more than seven months.

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Among the vaccines affected were the pneumococcal vaccines, which are given to babies.

The High Court case relates to a 104m contract for community health services

Some parents said they are concerned for their children, saying they could have been left vulnerable to infection and diseases since December if their vaccines were ineffective.

According to the NHS website, Prospect Surgery currently has 8,012 registered patients.

In a letter to parents, Prospect Surgery said: “While being given a vaccine stored at the wrong temperature is not harmful we cannot be sure that all children vaccinated at the surgery between the above dates are adequately protected against the diseases for which they were vaccinated.

“All vaccines which were stored at the incorrect temperature have been replaced and new fridges and fridge temperature monitors have been purchased.”

All those affected will be contacted by post.

A spokesperson for NHS England confirmed that investigations are still ongoing to establish how many vaccinations were affected and how many patients will have to be recalled.

They said: “We cannot be sure that vaccine stored at the incorrect temperature has given the patient the required protection against the condition for which they are being vaccinated, therefore, as a precaution we will be writing to all patients affected to invite them to be revaccinated.”

“As a precaution, we will be writing to all patients affected to invite them to be revaccinated.”