Knee replacement surgery in Yorkshire: A ground-breaking robotic technique is transforming people’s lives

Knee replacement surgeons at a Yorkshire clinic are using a specialised new hi-tech robotic surgery assistant to make a huge difference to people’s lives.
A ground-breaking robotic technique for knee replacement surgery is transforming people’s lives in YorkshireA ground-breaking robotic technique for knee replacement surgery is transforming people’s lives in Yorkshire
A ground-breaking robotic technique for knee replacement surgery is transforming people’s lives in Yorkshire

The Yorkshire Clinic in Bingley is transforming knee replacement surgery with the super-modern ROSA Knee system.

Surgeons at the clinic have been specially trained to work with the hi-tech equipment – the ROSA Robotic Surgical Assistant.

According to medics there, it is now making a huge difference to the clinic’s patients, helping them to recover their joint flexibility faster.

The specialised system – hand-in-hand with the skills of The Yorkshire Clinic’s team – means that people can return to normal activity much quicker than normal surgery.

Phil Bates, Hospital Director at The Yorkshire Clinic said: “We are proud and delighted to be able to offer this new robotic surgery to our patients.

“Supporting our local community for their healthcare requirements is of absolute importance to us, as recognised in our company ethos of ‘people caring for people’.”

The use of the ROSA knee system has been associated with reduced pain, lower usage of pain relief medication, fewer physiotherapy sessions and overall improved knee function following surgery.

Robotic surgery has also been linked to shorter hospital stays and lower rates of hospital readmission compared to traditional surgical techniques.

Total knee replacement surgery is a very common and effective treatment for patients suffering with knee arthritis.

A more tailored and personalised experience

However, the success of an individual’s knee replacement surgery is closely linked to the fit and function of the new knee implant.

The ROSA Knee system helps to support the clinic’s consultants as they strive to deliver the best outcome for people keen to see, and feel, a better future.

The system’s advanced technology collects and analyses data before and during a patient’s surgery to help the surgeon both planning, and during, the knee replacement.

The technology also updates the consultant with unique details about the patient’s knee that could affect surgery.

This provides a more tailored and personalised experience.

How does the new robotic surgery work?

Phil Bates explains: “The ROSA Knee system provides the surgeon with a 3D model of your knee so they can more accurately plan every step of your procedure.

“By knowing what to expect, your surgeon can predetermine how they’ll best fit your implant to give you the best outcome based on your unique anatomy.

“Your surgeon can choose between three clinically proven knee implant systems based on your needs and their experience.”

The Yorkshire Clinic is part of leading independent healthcare sector provider Ramsay Health Care UK, and it is one of 34 facilities across England.

To find out more about the ROSA Robotic Surgical Assistant, and The Yorkshire Clinic, go to the clinic’s website.

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