Telegrams both from the late Queen and now the new King

A 105 year old local woman, Anne Parkinson, celebrated her 100th birthday with family, friends and a telegram from the late Queen, now she’s turning 105 and this time she will receive a telegram from the King.

Anne’s parents married in the last months of the First World War, a honeymoon baby, she was born in 1919 during the first pandemic. Over her lifetime Anne has survived a World War, two global pandemics, and has experienced all the changes towards how we live today.

Anne’s lifetime is a living history of the last hundred years, from the simplicity of a 1920’s childhood, being a teenager in the 1930’s with another World War on the way. 1939 the year of her wedding to husband Desmond Parkinson and the start of World War II. The1940’s, the hardships of War and the aftermath but the joy of starting their family. The 1950’s, the end of rationing, new home gadgets like electric fridges, cookers and tv’s. A better life and 2 more daughters.

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1960’s and social change, human’s left Earth for the first time and Ann and Des’s first grandchild was born. 1970’s brought huge technological changes as well as the Vietnam War. 1980’s The Falklands War, Prince Charles married Lady Diana, and Anne and Des’s first great grandchild was born. 1990’s brought the rise of the mobile phones and the loss of husband Desmond. The 2000’s brought Anne into a new Millennium and life is now unrecognisable from when she was a child It has also brought more great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren.

Local woman celebratesLocal woman celebrates
Local woman celebrates

Now in 2024, as well as her three daughters Anne has seven grandchildren, fourteen great-grandchildren and ten great-great grandchildren, all who enjoy visiting her. Throughout the years Anne has been at the heart of her family and a much loved mum, grandma, great-grandma and great-great-grandma, known simply as Grandma Anne to all.

Anne will, on 18th April become one of a small group of British people to have lived to receive a telegram from two monarchs, first from Queen Elizabeth II and now King Charles III. We would like to join with her family and friends in wishing her a very special happy birthday!