Welder's family in asbestos cancer death appeal

THE family of a former Sheffield welder are urging ex-colleagues to come forward after he died from an asbestos-related cancer following 50 years in the industry.

Ivor Scothern died in April 2013, aged 86, shortly after he received his mesothelioma diagnosis.

Mr Scothern worked for Cravens Ltd, at the company’s factory in Darnall, Sheffield, in the late 1940s and 50s, before moving to the English Steel Corporation.

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From 1961 until 1971, he worked for Davy & United Engineering Co Ltd and later, worked for Rlenkins 81 Co Ltd, based in Rotherham, from 1971 to 1985.

Now Ivor’s son Linzey, 68, has asked lawyers to find out if his father’s death was related to asbestos exposure during his employment.

He said: “The shock of how quickly the illness affected my father so soon after he was diagnosed still upsets me and my family, but we are determined to find answers and seek justice for him more than ever.

“Hopefully, people who he worked with might be able to help to provide more information so that we can determine what caused his terrible illness.”

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Laura Haigh, an industrial disease expert at law firm Irwin Mitchell, said: “Mesothelioma is an aggressive and incurable cancer that has devastating consequences for sufferers, like Ivor, and their loved ones.

“Sadly, despite employers knowing how dangerous it is, many in the past did not do enough to manage the risks of asbestos exposure to protect their employees.

“In Ivor’s case, he worked for numerous employers across the region, and we would urge anyone who worked with him at any of the South Yorkshire-based companies to get in touch.

“They might be able to provide vital information that may assist with our investigations.”

Anyone with any information about the working conditions with either of Ivor’s former employers should contact Laura Haigh at Irwin Mitchell on 0114 2744420 or email [email protected].