Yorkshire mother who gave birth on the M18 said it was 'like Grand Theft Auto'

A mother who gave birth on a Yorkshire motorway said the experience was 'like being on Grand Theft Auto'.

Annabella Rita, 29, had her baby in the back of an ambulance on the M18 - just as it pulled over to the hard shoulder. She had suddenly gone into labour while she was alone with her two children. She contacted the triage department at Doncaster Royal Infirmary hospital who told her wait a little longer to come in.

Annabella's two children were picked up from their home but as soon as they left Annabella went into labour. The mother-of-three then rang 999 and an ambulance arrived and decided to take her straight to the hospital.

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But as soon as the ambulance went onto the M18 - Annabella gave birth to her daughter Abrianna, before the vehicle could even pull onto the hard shoulder.

Annabella Rita and her new baby Abrianna.Annabella Rita and her new baby Abrianna.
Annabella Rita and her new baby Abrianna.

Annabella of Doncaster, said: "I got into the ambulance and as soon as we hit the motorway, it just wasn't going to work - I had to push. The ambulance was still moving and then it pulled over and made an emergency stop on the hard shoulder as soon as the baby came out.

"The ambulance chairs are not comfortable and I was strapped down, feeling claustrophobic and moving up and down. It wasn't safe but we didn't have a choice. It was very scary, it was something like out of Grand Theft Auto really."

After giving birth on Wednesday (August 23), the mum and daughter were taken to Doncaster Royal Infirmary, where they originally planned to go. Doctors then checked over Abrianna, who weighed 6.8lb, and she was discharged the next day.

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Annabella, who has just moved from Southampton, Hampshire, said: "She fed straight away. She's all healthy and all good even though she was born on the motorway, which isn't a normal thing."

Annabella said when she was waiting for an ambulance, the call handler was preparing her to give birth alone. But the call handler asked Annabella to get different things such as a safety pin and a shoelace, incase it was needed in the birth.

She now has an idea that every pregnant woman should be given a box, similar to a first aid kit, that contains this, just incase they need it while giving birth.

Annabella, who used a sperm donor to conceive Abrianna, said: "The call handler started telling me to deliver the baby and I said 'no I can't do this.' "I've never delivered a baby before but I then went to get the pillows and started to lie down.

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"He then asked if I had a shoelace and a safety pin and I didn't have anything of this and it wasn't in the first aid kit either. I think there should be something for pregnant women, that is like a first aid kit that has things like a shoelace and safety pin. I think if it had clean towels and things like that, then it could help people prepare. It would be good if everyone had it at home because it's scary."