Yorkshire's Forgotten Vulnerable - An appeal from the editor of The Yorkshire Post

An appeal from James Mitchinson, editor of The Yorkshire Post

It is clear from the letters we are receiving at The Yorkshire Post that so many people and their families are living life in an anxious limbo, not knowing whether or not they have been forgotten by the vaccine roll-out.

Now, we have discovered, vaccine supplies to communities across Yorkshire are being reduced significantly; in certain places, halved. This cannot be good enough, so: I would like to better understand the problem, and need your help to paint the picture.

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What is your experience of the vaccine roll-out? Are you one of those who should have heard something by now, but haven't? Did you expect to have been protected from Covid-19 with yout first - at least - dose of a vaccine, but haven't?

Are you or a family member anxious about when you will be getting the coronavirus vaccine?

We want to hear from you - especially the elderly and the vulnerable - so that we can ensure Yorkshire's Forgotten Vulnerable receive the prioritisation we all know is deserved.

Q: Do you feel you or one of your family members has been forgotten? Let us know. Email: [email protected]