Eccleshill: Yorkshire village with 34 listed buildings where David Hockney grew up asks to become Bradford's 60th Conservation Area

Eccleshill, which is home to 34 listed buildings, could soon become Bradford’s 60th Conservation area.

Last year, Bradford Council received a petition signed by 170 people calling for older parts of the village to be protected through a Conservation Area designation.

At the last Bradford Council meeting of 2023, Councillor Ian Parsons (Lab, Eccleshill), was given an update on work to recognise the area’s heritage.

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Council bosses said planning officers were working on a draft appraisal that could see Eccleshill become a Conservation Area – and that this would soon be going to a public consultation.

Eccleshill, Bradford, is where artist David Hockney was raisedEccleshill, Bradford, is where artist David Hockney was raised
Eccleshill, Bradford, is where artist David Hockney was raised

Buildings in Conservation Areas, even if they are not listed, have a much higher level of protection from anyone wanting to make changes or modern additions.

Other Conservation Areas in the District include the area around Bradford Cathedral, Saltaire and Keighley Town Centre.

The petition sent to the Council last year said: “Eccleshill was originally an independent township prior to being subsumed by Bradford. It was independent as a thriving industrial centre and the village prospered.

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“34 properties are Grade II listed – more than any other area in Bradford apart from Saltaire or Little Germany – and these are interspersed with additional unlisted, but equally as attractive, properties.

“Not only will the Conservation Area status protect these properties and act as a deterrent to any future ‘damage’, but it preserves and maintains a piece of important history.”

In a question to Council bosses at the meeting earlier this month Parsons said: ““Does the leader agree with me that the heritage of Bradford is a key part of our District’s identity, and as such should be protected for future generations?

“And if so, will the leader support Eccleshill Village in becoming the 60th Conservation Area in the District?”

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A response given at the meeting said: “The heritage of Bradford is a vital component of our district’s identity, and preserving it for future generations is of paramount importance.

“The evaluation of designation of Eccleshill Village as a conservation area in Bradford District, is a component of safeguarding our cultural and historical legacy.

“As we anticipate Bradford becoming the City of Culture in 2025, acknowledging and protecting our heritage becomes even more crucial.

“The Council is pleased to assess the heritage significance of Eccleshill Village. Existing designations not only ensure the protection of our heritage but also fosters a sense of pride and identity among our communities.

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“In response to public interest in the designation of a part of Eccleshill as a conservation area, the Planning Service is preparing a draft conservation area character appraisal, on which it will undertake a public consultation exercise.

“A decision would ultimately go to a planning committee for approval.”