Plan to turn 19th Century home in conservation area into large houses approved

Plans to restore a 19th Century building in a conservation area have been approved by Bradford Council.

13 Mornington Villas in Manningham is a large house in the Apsley Crescent Conservation Area, but the property has been empty for a number of years, and its most recent planning use was bedsits.

Earlier this year Maaiz Khan applied for planning permission to convert the property from bedsits to two large houses.

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Any changes to the building would be internal.

13 Morning Villas in Manningham is to be restored and turned into large houses

The council’s heritage conservation officer Simon Hinchcliffe said: “The property is currently vacant and potentially in a poor state of repair. This application is welcomed for bringing the property back into use and securing its future preservation.

“The proposed internal alterations to accommodate the new usage appear relatively minor and will not result in the loss of any original internal features such as fireplaces or staircases.”

The application was approved last week.