The Silly History Boys podcast set up by Yorkshire re-enactment theatre company

A Yorkshire podcast about history has been set up by four friends with backgrounds in performance and heritage.

Tom Fermor, Rob Bond, Will Tristram and Stuart Perry formed The Silly History Boys Theatre Company.

Mr Perry was a former Viking at the JORVIK Viking Centre in York, worked at The Royal Armouries in Leeds and has since been employed by The York Dungeon.

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Tom Fermor is the creative director of Ting Tang Theatre Company, which performs professional combat re-enactments, while Rob Bond and Will Tristram - who studied acting at Bretton Hall in Wakefield - are professional actors, who just happen to love history.

Stuart Perry Tom Fermor and Will Tristram. Credit: Jackson Portraiture.Stuart Perry Tom Fermor and Will Tristram. Credit: Jackson Portraiture.
Stuart Perry Tom Fermor and Will Tristram. Credit: Jackson Portraiture.

Before lockdown, they were hired by historical sites and museums across the country to re-enact famous moments in Britain’s history, but now furloughed from their full time work and with their freelance contracts cancelled, the boys decided on an alternative, by creating a podcast.

Mr Perry said: “The podcast came about for several reasons. We all found ourselves with a lot more time on our hands, and already had several scripts we had written for live performances.

"The news kept saying how school children were missing out on learning and how museums and tourism spots still aren’t to open for a while, so we thought, hang on, lets turn our live performances into recorded ones and just put it out there for free.”

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The podcast episodes are released each week and split into trilogies, with every three episodes exploring a particular topic.

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During each episode, The Silly History Boys adopt a different character each and play out their part for the entire episode.

“There’s a lot of sketches, some cheeky humour and plenty of real history," said Mr Perry.

“Most importantly, we have kept it family friendly. No swearing, no rudeness, but we must reiterate, it is very silly.”

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Mr Perry said: “If you’ve ever wanted to hear what a boxing match between the Viking God Odin and the Norse explorer Leif Erikson would sound like; this is the podcast for you. If you just want to learn history and have a laugh while doing it, then this is still the podcast for you."

People can listen to all the current episodes at:

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