What Yorkshire expats miss most about living in God's Own Country

A reminder of why we're so incredibly lucky to live in Yorkshire.
A rainbow grazes Yorkshire countrysideA rainbow grazes Yorkshire countryside
A rainbow grazes Yorkshire countryside

We asked our readers who were born in Yorkshire but no longer live here what they miss most about God's Own Country.

From the friendliness and the the fish and chips to the glorious countryside, we received an overwhelming response from Yorkshire expats around the globe.

Here's what they had to say.

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Ribblehead viaductRibblehead viaduct
Ribblehead viaduct

"Been living in Southern California for over 30 years and absolutely miss the beautiful Yorkshire countryside in the soft sunshine and the shadows made by the clouds. I also miss strangers both male and female calling me love. Yorkshire is where my heart lies." - Sharon Hope

"From Southern California: miss the people and their honesty. The accent. Geoff Boycott opening the batting. The beauty of the Dales. Fish n fernerks, with scraps. Eaten out of paper sitting on the seat by the castle overlooking Knaresborough viaduct. Hearing someone say “thanks, luv”. Pork pies. Shepherds Purse cheeses (all of them). Fortune’s kippers. A pint of Black Sheep in a village pub after a long walk." - Richard Pearson

"Born in Leeds, now living in the USA (Baltimore, Maryland) for the last 25 years. I miss the Dales... the open spaces... limestone country." - Tony Harper

"Born at home in Catterick in 1951, my parents decided to emigrate to South Australia in 1969. In November 2019 I visited the UK for six weeks and went straight from Manchester to Harrogate to wake up to breakfast at Bettys and then to drive to Hawes to stay for three nights to be close to Catterick. The drive from Skipton to Hawes along challenging roads, with torrents pouring out of the surrounding hills, along narrow lanes and past beautiful houses and pubs was one I will treasure. The genuine kindness and warmth of the people. I was home. Thankyou." - Sarah Olijnyk

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A view over HowarthA view over Howarth
A view over Howarth

"Born & bred in Yorkshire. Now live on the 'wrong side' of the Pennines. Miss proper fish n chips (with mushy peas...NOT gravy for goodness sake). Calling it a teacake. The humour and friendliness of the people, and of course...the glorious scenery..can't beat it." - Lesley McEvoy

"Born in Scarborough. Live in Canada. I miss the lovely people, the coast, everything about God's corner of the world. Missed my holiday in my hometown last year." - Patricia Carson

"Born in Doncaster but left at 18 and lived in France for 35 years. Miss Yorkshire folk, their humour and no nonsense mentality, and lots more." - Julie Daurensan

"Everything! Proper fish and chips, proper pork pies, Bettys, the wonderful coastline, the Dales," - Melanie Devine

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"Born in Sheffield, live in Staffordshire for the time being, miss the accent more than anything." - Kirstie Harvey

"Born in East Yorkshire miss everything - the people who are so friendly, the best fish and chips, the walks and landscapes, and most of all the fresh air so pure!" - Sharon Stork

"Live in the US. Born and raised in Leeds. Miss the wonderful Yorkshire scenery of the Dales, moors. Leeds is a beautiful city, along with east coast seaside towns; especially Scarborough. Of course, no one should visit England without a trip to York. Since my parents are now deceased, I probably won’t return (in my 70’s), but I often say “always a Yorkshire girl.” Love the people, accent, and food!" - Patricia McCullagh

"Born in North Yorkshire, grew up in East Yorkshire. Have now lived in New Orleans for over 40 years. Still miss so much about my home county, family and friends, fresh air and just the feel of being home!" - Fiona Santosuosso

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"The folk, first and foremost. The super countryside, great beer. It's where I grew up, so I always look back at those first 20 years as idyllic. God's Country." - Andrew Buckley

"Born in Doncaster. Now living in New Zealand. Its a beautiful country but I so miss the beautiful stone villages, quaintness, character pubs and banter of the Yorkshire folk. Not to mention my favourite places like York, Scarborough, Whitby, Skipton, NY Moors, Goathland and of course haddock, chips n mushy peas." - Maureen Mitchell

"Born in Harrogate now living in Western Australia, miss the moors and Almscliff Crag and being called love. You can take the lass out of Yorkshire..." - Liz Coley

"I was born in North Yorkshire, but nine years ago moved to Durham. I miss the friendliness and familiarity of Yorkshire people, the beauty of the countryside and the coast, and the country pubs!" - Rachel Stones

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"Great place, great down to earth people, and 4penny worth of chips with scraps." - Dorothy James

"Born in Yorkshire, lived in Yorkshire, now live in Spain. I miss a life of solid reliable people, weekly markets, great beer and food, wonderful scenery too of course. Don’t miss the weather though!" - Robin Windley

"I miss the North Yorkshire Moors and the Dales. The Yorkshire coastline especially around Whitby and Scarborough, and not forgetting being able to get decent fish and chips when I fancy it. After living in Germany since the late 70s I have always had the yearning to go home, I was born in Ripon and grew up in Northallerton." - Bob Iley

"The people. The friendliness of strangers just chatting to you as if they know you, markets etc - really i suppose I miss everything." - Margaret Gallacher

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"Living and have lived in Chicago for 11 years. I miss the landscape, the East coast, fish and chips and Yorkshire pork pies!" - Claire Whitfield

"Moors, heather, drystone walls, roads that go up and down, lovely fresh air - I could go on....." - Christine May

"I live over the other side of the hill now in South Manchester. I really miss the rolling hills and the friendly 'Ey up' as you go about your day. Also being closer to my football club, Leeds United." - Luke Rider

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