The Yorkshire Shepherdess: Summer at Ravenseat Farm in eight photos

Amanda Owen has spoken out about the realities of life at her remote Swaledale hill farm after the publication of her third book.

While the farm is welcoming during summer, winters in Swaledale are harsh and isolating

Amanda - also known as the Yorkshire Shepherdess - and her family starred in the Channel 5 series Our Yorkshire Farm in 2018, and viewers were charmed by her nine children's simple, rustic upbringing without mobile phones or a reliable electricity supply. Their tenant farm, Ravenseat, has been cultivated since the Viking period and lies in one of the most isolated areas of Upper Swaledale - they're regularly snowed in during winter and their nearest neighbours are over a mile away. In an attempt to diversify, they welcome visitors and offer tours of the farm, home-made teas and a shepherd's hut where walkers can stay overnight. Read the full interview with Amanda here.

Ravenseat welcomes visitors and the farm is a popular stopping point for walkers during the summer months

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Amanda hangs the washing out
Amanda has recently published her third book about life at Ravenseat
Amanda and her husband Clive have nine children
Amanda tends to thousands of sheep at her Swaledale hill farm
Amanda with her two youngest daughters
Visitors are welcome to tour Ravenseat and stay overnight in the shepherd's hut