Yorkshire's 15 most haunted pubs - and the spooky stories of the ghosts that haunt them

As well as being the home of Yorkshire puddings, the world's first football club and the Bronte sisters, Yorkshire also has claims on being one of the most haunted spots in England.

Yorkshire's haunted pubs
Yorkshire's haunted pubs

Whether it's just because they enjoy a pint too or because the buildings are so old, many of Yorkshire's most famous ghosts can be spotted in pubs across the county. These are some of the most haunted - and the grizzly tales of the ghosts that live within their walls.

This Harrogate pub is haunted by a mischievous spirit who has been said to throw bottles on the floor, walk the rooms as a dark shadow, and laugh maniacally throughout the building. The staff have named her "Mary."

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Perhaps winning the prize for the most Yorkshire ghost ever, The Cricketers Arms is reportedly home to a ghost who walks around wearing a flat cap.
A highwayman, a man in a bowler hat and the figure of a young jilted bride staring into the fire have all been spotted by staff over the years at one of York's spookiest pubs.
As one of the most ancient cities in England, York is said to be one of the most haunted places in the country. At the Golden Fleece, the spirits of Lady Alice Peckett, wife of ex-mayor John Peckett can be seen stalking the pub.
As well as being said to be the oldest pub in Otley, the Black Bull Inn is also reputed to be haunted, with reports of heavy footsteps in the rooms above the bar, and of people having their faces stroked by unseen fingers.
Employees have reported seeing a black male figure walking into the kitchen as well as two elderly ghosts by the fireplace at this Leeds pub.
The bizarre story behind the wailing ghost at this Wakefield pub comes from the Victorian era, when an escaped bear from an old nearby zoo mauled a local woman. Her body was brought to the bar and she has haunted it ever since.
Legend has it that this 400-year old pub is home to around 15 different spirits who stalk the halls, including a shepherd, a young man who died in a motorcycle accident, and a woman murdered by her father in the 17th century.
Female patrons at this Sheffield pub may want to hold it in - there's reportedly a ghost who rattles at the toilet doors in the ladies loos when anyone tries to use them. One they call out for help, the ghost disappears.
In 1906, Lily Cove suffered an untimely death when her parachute failed to open on a jump. Her spirit is now said to frequent the Old White Lion, where she has been spotted by employees and staff.
Local singer, poet and actor Michael Hill - who died in the pub in 1948 - has been spotted by staff and drinkers alike stalking the rooms of Leeds's The Palace.
Feel for the staff at York's Snickleway Inn - where employees have had tools pelted at them in the basement by a mysterious ghost. Customers have also reported the feeling of a cat rubbing up against their legs as they drink.
Dogs of patrons at this pub are said to bristle at the ghosts of two cats who frequent the premises. The cellar was also used during the Civil War to treat Royalist soliders for injuries, and their screams can still be heard.
With claims as the oldest pub in England, its no wonder staff and visitors have seen ghosts ranging from a cavalier in a large hat to a young girl and a mysterious dog wandering around the bar, which dates back to 953AD.
Staff at this Hull pub got so scared by the sound of mysterious footsteps and music turning off and on that they called in paranormal experts to try and help.