You can now take part in alpaca walking experiences at Harewood House

Harewood House have introduced alpaca treks this summer.

Zebedee and Zucchini with their keeper Francesca
Zebedee and Zucchini with their keeper Francesca

Nine-year-old brothers Zebedee and Zucchini have been trained by keepers at the Harewood House farm and can now be walked around the grounds of the estate on a lead rope by visitors.

The friendly animals, who are native to South America, have lived at Harewood for three years.

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They're known for their friendly, docile natures and respond well to human interaction.

Zebedee and Zucchini with their keeper Francesca

Currently, the alpaca walking experiences run at weekends. Children aged 7-13 are not permitted to lead an alpaca themselves, but can join in the walk with older family members. The activity is not suitable for children under the age of seven.

The pair are cared for by their Italian keeper, Francesca de Bernart.

"We'd like to get more alpacas and form a herd at Harewood if the treks are popular. I can walk them all day, but I need to ensure that Zebedee and Zucchini are not overworked!

"They are both very friendly, and they love to have their necks stroked. They're due to be sheared next week for summer, but they're too old to be wool producers now."

The alpacas can be walked around Harewood's grounds

When do the alpaca walks run?

There are time slots at 10.30am and 12.30pm on both Saturdays and Sundays.

How long does the walk last and what is involved?

Each walk lasts for an hour and 15 minutes. You'll be given a briefing and will then walk them around the grounds and have the chance to feed them.

Who can take part?

Only adults and children aged over 13 can lead an alpaca themselves.

Children aged 7-13 can take part in the family treks with older family members, but cannot lead the alpacas.

Children under seven are not permitted to take part in the activity.

Children aged 13-18 must be accompanied by an adult, but the adult is not required to take part and will not be charged.

How much is the experience?

For an individual trek (aged 13+), the cost is £50 per person or £45 for Harewood members.

For a family trek, the cost is £100 for two adults and two children or £90 if both adults are members.

All prices include general admission to Harewood House, the grounds, farm and bird garden.

How do I book?

You can book treks in advance on the Harewood House website by clicking here.