Fiat Panda at 40 - 8 of the most weird and wonderful special editions

Looking back at some of the most entertaining special editions of Fiat’s supermini

Fiat PandaTerramare

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Fiat Panda. Initially designed by the famous Giorgetto Giugiaro of ItalDesign the boxy little runaround has gone through three generations over the years but remains instantly recongisable. As well as being famous for its peculiar name (chosen to honour Empanda, the Roman goddess of travellers) and square design, the Panda is well-known for its variety of special editions. Here we take a look at some of the lesser-known but fabulously silly examples.

Yes, this really is an amphibious Fiat. A one-off rather than a special edition, it featured a floatation belt and waterjet propulsion on the rear axle plus a four-wheel-drive system. In 2006, it successfully crossed the English Channel in six hours

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Created to celebrate Italy’s hosting of the 1990 FIFA World Cup with special features including all-white paintwork, body-coloured grille and bumpers, wheel trims designed to look like footballs and blue upholstery in a nod to the home team’s kit
As the pun-tastic name suggests this was a Panda that took on the Dakar rally. Not only that, but it completed the gruelling 9,000-km race through Latin America in 2017. Based on a Panda 4x4 Cross it underwent "only a few changes" to be race ready
Long before the current mild hybrid, Fiat came up with an electric version of the Panda. The standard engine was replaced with a 9.2kW motor and 12 6V batteries. Range was around 60 miles and the top speed of a heady 43mph.
This two-tone oddity was a tie-up between Fiat and Italian design house Alessi, best know for its funky range of mutli-coloured kitchenware, to create the official car of the London Ideal Home Show
Scoring high in stereotype bingo, the Mamy was designed for young mums and featured handy features such as a mirror for watching the kids in the back, removable washable seat covers with pockets in them, bag hooks and a bogging purple paint job
Another brand tie-up, this time with ski maker Rossignol. Taking advantage of the Panda 4x4's reputation as a bit of a mountain goat, this special edition was aimed at skiers, featuring a free set of skis and a magnetic roof rack to carry them
We're cheating but this 'special edition' is too good to ignore. An April Fool's joke, the fictional Hawaii edition was a tribute to the Cinquecento featured in The Inbetweeners sitcom, complete with mismatched door and anti-squirrel-collision system