Lamborghini supercar rental business in West Yorkshire is searched by police

Police have searched the premises of two motor companies in Dewsbury - one of which hires supercars out to customers.

Enzo Prestige and another business in the Staincliffe area were both searched over the weekend, but police have refused to say which investigation the operation was linked to.

Yass Enzo from Enzo Prestige posted a message on social media in relation to the raids.

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His company offers rentals of models including Lamborghinis, Audis, Range Rovers and Mercedes 4x4 vehicles. Several of the high-performance cars are pictured on their Instagram account.

"I can confirm that the police attended our premises at Enzo Prestige this morning. Contrary to all reports and conspiracies we fully co-operated with their enquiries and the police were fully satisfied with everything and confirmed they are just doing their job. They left after a few hours and confirmed that was the end of the matter as far as enquiries with us.

"We would like to confirm that we are open as usual and the people who know us on a personal level and our respected customers will vouch for us in regards to our ongoing hard work and endeavour. We are here to provide a first class car rental experience."

West Yorkshire Police said:

"The activity was part of ongoing police enquiries. For operational reasons we cannot comment further."