Yorkshire Christmas quiz: 20 questions about the region to test your local knowledge this festive season

The time has come for families and friends to host their annual festive quizzes - for some inspiration we have compiled a list of 20 questions about Yorkshire.

Here are some questions to test your knowledge of Yorkshire. (Pic credit: Jonathan Gawthorpe)
Here are some questions to test your knowledge of Yorkshire. (Pic credit: Jonathan Gawthorpe)

Whether you were born here or you just love all things Yorkshire, these quiz questions will challenge your grasp of this beautiful region.

Why not show off your knowledge of Yorkshire by including any of these questions in your Christmas quiz.

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1. What does the Yorkshire flag look like?

2. What colour is the rose that represents Yorkshire?

3. When is Yorkshire Day?

4. Where is the highest pub in Yorkshire?

5. What is the biggest city in Yorkshire?

6. Which city does River Ouse flow through?

7. Which is the oldest city in Yorkshire? How old is the city?

8. Where is Our Yorkshire Farm filmed?

9. Where is the TV show All Creatures Great and Small filmed?

10. To which Saint is York Minster dedicated?

11. Which Yorkshire city is known as ‘The Steel City’?

12. Name the counties that border Yorkshire

13. Who was the author of the book that inspired All Creatures Great and Small?

14. Which soap is filmed in Yorkshire?

15. Which classic Sunday roast favourite is associated with Yorkshire?

16. Name the river that passes through Leeds city centre.

17. Which Yorkshire actress was made a dame in 1988?

18. If Yorkshire was a country, where would it have finished in the delayed Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games?

19. Leeds is the city with the highest population in Yorkshire. What is its population?

20. The town of Beverley is named after what creature?


1. The flag has a blue background with the White Yorkshire Rose in the centre.

2. White.

3. August 1.

4. Tan Hill Inn, Richmondshire.

5. Leeds.

6. York.

7. Ripon. It is more than 1,300 years old.

8. Ravenseat, Upper Swaledale.

9. The Yorkshire Dales.

10. Saint Peter.

11. Sheffield.

12. Durham to the north, Cumbria to the northwest, Lancashire to the west, Cheshire and Derbyshire to the southwest, and Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire to the southeast.

13. James Alfred Wight under the pen name James Herriot.

14. Emmerdale.

15. Yorkshire Pudding.

16. River Aire.

17. Judi Dench.

18. Twelfth place.

19. 824,466 as of 2020.

20. A beaver.