8 Easter ideas for kids: fun activities, crafts and games for children during the spring school holidays

From painting eggs to easter egg hunts and adventure trails - there are plenty of ways to keep kids entertained this Easter

Easter is just around the corner, but with Covid restrictions still in place across the UK, festivities may look a little different this year.

However, there’s still plenty of activities all the family can get involved in to make the Easter holidays fun and creative.

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Here’s a few ideas.

From painting eggs to easter egg hunts and adventure trails - there are plenty of ways to keep kids entertained this Easter (Photo: Shutterstock)

Set up an Easter egg hunt

You could set up your own Easter egg hunt either in your garden or local park, drawing a treasure trove map of where the chocolate eggs - or hand painted eggs - may be hidden

This is a fun way for all the family to get involved in the excitement and you could perhaps split up into teams to see who finds all of their eggs first.

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Your local gardens or National Trust area may be running a fun Easter trail, which is great for getting out in the fresh air and blowing off some steam (Photo: Shutterstock)

Join a local trail

Your local gardens or National Trust area may be running a fun Easter trail, which is great for getting out in the fresh air and blowing off some steam.

National Trust are running a number of Easter adventure nature trails across parts of the UK this year, with trails starting from 29 March 2021 in England and Wales and from 1 April in Northern Ireland.

However, dates for the Easter trails may vary at different locations so it’s worth checking the webpage of the place you wish to visit for more details. It’s also recommended to book in advance.

The Easter egg trail includes following your specific trail in the activity pack, completing 10 nature-inspired activities that are unique to each place, visiting vegetable patches and collecting a delicious chocolate reward at the end of the trail.

Visit the National Trust website to find your local Easter trail.

Painting eggs

Painting Easter eggs is a fun and creative activity that the whole family can get involved with.

However, you’ll need real eggs for this one, not ones of the chocolate variety.

All you need to do is hard boil some eggs in boiling water for about 10 minutes and then after they’ve cooled down you can paint them in a design of your choice.

Everyone could each have a design they’re going to work on, or perhaps you all rotate and add a little bit of your own flair to each egg.

Dyeing eggs

Instead of painting your eggs, you could opt for dyeing them instead.

To dye eggs, you’ll need food colouring or you can also use natural dyes like beetroot or onion skins.

Prepare your dye by mixing a teaspoon of food colouring, a tablespoon of vinegar and enough warm water to cover the egg together in a bowl.

You can create intricate patterns with the dye by wrapping elastic bands around the egg

If you want to keep your eggs once they’ve been dyed then you will need to hollow them out beforehand.

You can do so by:

- Using something sharp like a needle or a sharp knife to prick holes at the top and bottom of the raw egg (parents and guardians should do

- Use a skewer or needle to swirl around inside the egg to break up the yolk

- Blow into one end of the egg to get the inside out through the other end of the egg

You could then make Easter baskets and add your painted or dyed eggs to these.

Make Easter egg baskets

An Easter basket is usually a wicker basket filled with decorated hand-painted eggs, chocolate eggs and other Easter-themed treats.

You could even have a theme for each basket or adapt what’s put inside them, based on if it’s for a baby, young child, older child or even an adult.

These would make great gifts or table features for Easter lunch.

Visit your local heritage attraction

English Heritage has over 60 historic sites across England, with plenty of historic grounds and gardens perfect to explore over the Easter holiday.

From 29 March to 18 April, 24 sites are also hosting outdoor Easter Adventure Quests, where children can explore the outdoor trails, crack the clues and search for dragon eggs to win a chocolate reward.Sites are all Covid-secure and there are extra measures in place to help keep everyone safe.

Easter baking

Baking is something the whole family can get involved with, from Easter bunny cupcakes to hot cross buns and other delights, there’s plenty to bake and design this holiday season. Make these simple, but delicious chocolate cornflake cakes from BBC Good Food, which only require cornflakes, or another cereal option of your choice, chocolate, golden syrup and butter.

Make an Easter bonnet

Easter bonnets are fun, creative and colourful, and crafting bonnets can be a great way of getting arty and spending time together.

If you have an old hat you don’t want or no longer use, you can decorate this with tissue paper, pipe cleaners, paints and other art and craft items you may have lying around the house.

It doesn’t matter how neat it looks, as it’s a great way to get creative with materials and is perfect for the whole family to get involved with.

Alternatively, you can also use card, cardboard, cardboard boxes or paper plates to fashion your own hats and then decorate however you wish.