The best Yorkshire beers - according to you

To mark National Beer Day (June 14), we wanted to highlight the best Yorkshire has to offer, from old favourites to craft ales from small local breweries.

Black Sheep brewery in Masham, North Yorkshire

We asked you the important question - “What’s your favourite Yorkshire beer? You answered, and we’ve compiled the results below.

Theakston - Old Peculier

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“There’s only one. THEAKSTONS Old Peculier!” - Matt Smith

“Theakston’s Old Peculier.” - James Womack

“Theakstons best bitter.” - Alex Walton

T&R Theakston Ltd is an independent, family run brewery established in 1827 in Masham, North Yorkshire

Theakston Old Peculier, a popular beer mentioned amongst our readers and is arguably a British classic. Known for the ‘dark, rich and smooth’ taste, with ‘subtle cherry and rich fruit overtones’.

Old Peculier is sold across the country and can be bought for around £1.70 per bottle in most supermarkets.

Timothy Taylor’s - Landlord

“Timothy Taylor Landlord” - Tim Watts

“Tim Taylor’s :)” - Adam Wilkinson

“Anything brewed in Yorkshire, my fav is Landlord.” - Harry Moorhouse

Timothy Taylor first opened his own brewery in 1858 in the town of Keighley and has remained an independent, family brewery business since.

Timothy Taylor’s Landlord ale has proven to be popular, described as ‘the classic pale ale’ and has a sweet, fruity, citrus taste and hoppy aroma.

This ale can be bought for around £1.70 per bottle in most supermarkets and is even sold in the USA!

Black Sheep Brewery - Black Sheep Ale

“Black Sheep!” - Andy Wye

Black Sheep Brewery is a well known North Yorkshire based brewery in Masham, first established in 1992 by Paul Theakston.

The beverage is described to have a bittersweet taste with fruity flavours and Goldings hops, paired well with red meat and cheeses.

Black Sheep Ale is sold for an average of £1.75 a bottle.

Black Sheep Brewery - Yorkshire Guzzler

“Yorkshire Guzzler” - David Robinson

The Yorkshire Guzzler, another favourite mentioned by readers from the Black Sheep Brewery, North Yorkshire.

It has a refreshing citrus taste with some floral notes, which pairs perfectly with white fish and chicken.

Yorkshire Guzzler is sold for an average of £2.25 per bottle, or you can buy 10 bottles for £19.50 from the Black Sheep Brewery website!

Saltaire Blonde Ale

“Saltaire Blonde always goes down a treat.” - Barney Allen

Saltaire Brewery began as a microbrewery in Yorkshire in the early 2000s and developed the popular Saltaire Blonde in 2007.

It has been named by several readers as a favourite and has soft malt flavours, complemented with spice from Bohemian Saaz hops.

The ale can be bought for an average of £1.70 per bottle from supermarkets. Alternatively the Saltaire Brewery online shop has a free delivery offer for residents of West Yorkshire when spending over £20!

John Smith’s Extra Smooth

“John Smith’s Smooth” - Kevin Brewster

John Smith’s Extra Smooth is arguably a classic and can be found in most pubs across the country. The John Smith brewery was founded in 1758 in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire.

The popular beer has a malty, caramel flavour and is best served cool.

John Smith’s Extra Smooth can be bought for around £3.75 for a pack of four cans from most supermarkets.


“Tetley’s bitter Leeds” - Robert Harrison

Tetley’s Brewery was founded by Joshua Tetley in 1822, Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Named by readers as a classic Yorkshire favourite, Tetley’s Original Bitter was first brewed in the Leeds brewery in 1822.

Tetley’s Original Bitter has a roasted caramel taste which pairs well with the aromatic hoppy flavours.

Sold for around £8 for a crate of 12 cans, Tetley’s Original Bitter can also be found in many pubs across Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Dales Brewery - Drovers Arms

“Anything by the Yorkshire Dales Brewery” - Mark Golding

“Yorkshire Dales Brewery Drovers” - Manfred Granow

The Yorkshire Dales Brewery has been making craft ales for over 15 years and are based in Askrigg, North Yorkshire.

Drovers Arms, a popular ale by the Yorkshire Dales Brewery, has smooth, rich malt flavours and is enjoyed by many across Yorkshire.

Drovers Arms can be bought for around £3 per bottle.

Wold Gold

“Wold Gold, Wold Top Brewery” - Ben Greenwood

Wold Top Brewery was first established in Yorkshire in 2003 by farming couple Tom and Jill.

Wold Gold has proven to be a popular choice and has a ‘soft, fruity flavour with a hint of spice’. Best enjoyed with a curry or smoky BBQ!

It can be bought for around £2 a bottle online and is popular in pubs across Yorkshire.

Abbeydale Brewery Moonshine

“Abbeydale Brewery Moonshine” - Mick Copeland

Founded in 1996 in Sheffield, Abbeydale Brewery has a range of beers, a popular one being the Moonshine.

Moonshine is a pale ale with a citrus flavour of lemon and grapefruit and a unique floral aroma, a popular ale sold in pubs across Sheffield and the country.

Abbeydale Brewery Moonshine can be bought for an average of £3 per can.