The Plough, Low Bradfield: A proper pub in a fascinating building with a personality all of its own

It seems absolutely appropriate that a pub with the name of The Plough should have a bar counter that serves those splendid Farmer’s Ales, and, here, deep in the Loxley Valley of Sheffield, it most certainly does.

Architecturally, this is fascinating building, since (technically) the main entrance is right next to the main road. The front door is up some steps and a rather precarious slope, and traffic runs right alongside.

It is perhaps a lot wiser to take advantage of the large car park to the rear and side, and to enter through the backdoor, adjacent to the beer garden.

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This way also has the advantage of excellent disabled access. Walkers love The Plough, sitting as it does on the very edge of the Peak District.

The Plough in Low Bradfield, on the edge of the Peak DistrictThe Plough in Low Bradfield, on the edge of the Peak District
The Plough in Low Bradfield, on the edge of the Peak District

Over that way, there’s a well-worn path, across the road there’s the village itself, up there are the glorious rolling hills, and that way lie a fair few agricultural fields, and a drystone wall that has been under repair for quite some time now.

It’s well within the city boundaries, but you couldn’t be deeper in the verdant countryside if you tried.

There’s just one bar, in the centre of the space, and then, on either side are a pair of dining areas, all (on a mid-week lunchtime), doing remarkably good trade.

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The menu inclines to the ‘hale and hearty comfort food’ variety, and the plates are generously filled.

There are low beams, some of the tables have been fashioned from huge barrels. And there are plenty of little posters and notices which advertise coming events – a craft fair is on the way, and also a seasonal wreath-making class.

One of the charming staff serving the drinks asked a customer if she’d like to take part. The offer was declined, with the excuse that “I’d be absolutely rubbish!”. But you never know until you try, and the staff here are gloriously persuasive, so….

There are fresh flowers on one windowsill, and the place is obviously loved by management and guests alike.

A proper pub, with a beaming personality of its own.

Welcome 5/5

Atmosphere 5/5

Drinks choice 4/5

Prices 5/5

The Plough, New Road, Low Bradfield, Sheffield. S6 6HW. Tel 0114 285 1280