The Sandringham, Hull: The 'marvellous' Yorkshire pub which is just 10ft wide but packed with features

It’s a real shame The Sandringham isn’t somewhere else.

It has the potential to be a packed and popular boozer if only it wasn’t located precisely where it is.

You could drop it in London or Dublin or even Manhattan and it has so much character, it’d be packed with punters day and night.

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Even if it was a few hundred yards up the road it would have a hugely better chance of being one of the most popular pubs in the East Riding.

The Sandringham in HullThe Sandringham in Hull
The Sandringham in Hull

This is because The Sandringham is a marvellous, skinny pub with tonnes of original features. Many more were sadly removed in an injudicious ‘make-over’ a few years back but enough remain to intrigue.

At around ten feet wide, it challenges other famously thin UK pubs - like the Crown Posada in Newcastle – in the skinny stakes and is certainly less wide than the handful of London pubs claiming to be the thinnest in the country.

As with a lot of thin pubs, the seating designers had to be canny. There are bespoke, tiny tables peaking up at intervals through the bench seat that runs down most of one wall.

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There is also a marvellous circular seating area that the current landlord tells me he is thinking of removing to make way for a DJ booth. I pray he doesn’t.

You can also enjoy original art deco etched glass in the windows and various stuffed animals and fish presented high on the walls in glass cases.

All this should be reason enough to visit as, sadly, the current beer offering is very poor and there is no food at all, even crisps.

The Sandringham finds itself part of a gaggle of nearby pubs which are dedicated to serving the – how to put this? - less discerning drinker, so unless the pub decides to up-sticks, walk across town and plant itself in a more salubrious locale it may struggle to stay open and the parts of the wonderful interior that remain may, tragically, be lost forever.

Welcome 3/5

Atmosphere 3/5

Drinks choice 2/5

Prices 5/5

The Sandringham,85 Paragon Street, Hull, HU1 2QW. Tel 01482 326726.