These are the prices of the tasting menus at Yorkshire's Michelin-starred restaurants

Ever wondered how much you'll need to spend to eat at one of Yorkshire's fine dining restaurants?

The Black Swan at Oldstead

A tasting menu is a collection of several dishes served in small portions as a single meal, usually with optional cheese and wine accompaniments. Yorkshire has five Michelin-starred restaurants and several other award-winning fine dining establishments that serve tasting menus.

Chef: Tommy Banks. Michelin stars: One. Courses: 13. Price: 98-125 pp. Cheese course 15 extra. Other ventures: Small plates restaurant Roots in York

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Chef: Andrew Pern. Michelin stars: One. Courses: Eight. Prices: 85 pp, 15 extra for cheese course. Wine package 90 pp. Other ventures: The Star Inn the City, York
Chef: Michael O'Hare. Michelin stars: One. Courses: 10-14. Prices: 65 pp, wine flight 115 pp
Chef: Frances Atkins. Michelin stars: One. Courses: Five or eight. Prices: 75 pp for five courses, 105 pp for eight. Cheese course 15 extra.
Chef: James Mackenzie. Michelin stars: One. This gastropub near Beverley is the only one of the Michelin-starred restaurants not to offer a tasting menu.
Chef: Simon Gueller. Michelin stars: The Box Tree lost their star in 2018. Courses: Six (menu gourmand). Prices: 85 pp, wine selection 45 extra
Chefs: Mark Owens and Elizabeth Cottam. Michelin stars: None - but Mark Owens was head chef at The Box Tree. Courses: Five or 10. Prices: 45-55 pp for five, 65-90 pp for 10
Chefs: Stuart and Jo Myers. Michelin stars: None - the Swine began as a supper club. Courses: Seven. Prices: 49.50 pp. Other ventures: Their cafe The Greedy Pig Kitchen became a restaurant with evening opening hours
Chef: Luke French. Michelin stars: None - Joro opened in 2017 in a trendy shipping container development. Courses: Eight or 10. Prices: 45 pp for eight, 55 pp for 10
Chef: Paul Leonard. Michelin stars: None. Courses: Nine. Price: 80 pp