These are the best cities in Yorkshire for senior dating, according to research

If you’re feeling unlucky in love, it may be time to make a move to a different city because according to new research there are a number of top cities in Yorkshire for dating over the age of 60.

With the number of over 65s living alone in the UK reaching approximately 4.19 million last year, Google search interest for “best senior dating sites” has surged by 50 per cent in the past month.

Research by Lottie reveals the UK cities which are the best for older people to find love, and Sheffield is ranked the best city in Yorkshire for senior dating.

The steel city was the only Yorkshire city to make the UK’s Top Ten, where it ranked in seventh place.

Dating in Yorkshire: How do over 60s fare in the region?

York was the next best place in Yorkshire - ranking 31st in the UK.

Hull, Bradford and Wakefield also proved popular when it came to single women looking for someone special.

Here’s why these are the best cities in Yorkshire for dating over the age of 60 (and where is best for men and women)

Researchers analysed the number of senior users on the online dating platform,, plus the over 60s population in cities around the UK, to discover the top dating hotspots for retired singles.

They used and population censuses to find out just how many older people are living in these cities—and what percentage of them are looking for love.

Sheffield is Yorkshire’s best city for singletons over 60

Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Bristol, Newcastle and Nottingham took the first six spots with Sheffield being a fraction behind in seventh place.

Sheffield has over double the number of people aged 60 or over living there compared to Nottingham (over 120,000).

Sheffield has 354 male users but only 261 female users.

Sheffield couples can enjoy a range of romantic walks in the woodlands, Sheffield Botanical Gardens, famous for its stunning greenhouse and enviable collection of exotic plants, as well as Sheffield’s Winter Gardens.

Sheffield is also the 9th top ten city for male singletons to find love aged over 60.

York among best UK cities for senior singles

Receiving a final ‘senior dating score’ of 5.1/10, York ranks joint 31st best city for senior singles.

With only 261 over-60 users (4.5/10) out of all 49,917 singletons in the area, the city scores 5.5/10 for the proportion of over 60s users to its senior population.

Which Yorkshire cities are in the UK top ten for different genders finding love over 60?

The research also looked at different genders and gave a top ten best cities for men and one for women over 60 when it came to finding love.

When it comes to Women in Yorkshire they tend to fare better with their options with three cities in the top ten best for women looking for love, all at fourth place. Hull, Bradford and Wakefield scored 7.5, landing only a hair behind Nottingham and Birmingham.

The Yorkshire cities all come with numerous date options.

Hull is home to The Deep—an aquarium home to a vast array of aquatic life and interesting architecture. Wakefield has the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, which offers a golden opportunity to step out into the fresh air and admire some artwork. Bradford is famous for Bradford Literature Festival and the National Science and Media Museum.

Sheffield was the only city in the top ten for men over 60 to find love.