Cost of living crisis: Yorkshire homes to benefit from Rix’s 10 energy saving tips

Being mindful of how much energy we use at home is becoming increasingly important, both to keep bills down and to protect the planet.
So that’s what those radiator valves do! Picture – supplied.So that’s what those radiator valves do! Picture – supplied.
So that’s what those radiator valves do! Picture – supplied.

There are many ways to boost the efficiency of our homes, from simply making simple tweaks to our current behaviours and habits to investing in low-cost quick changes or looking at longer-lasting improvements.

To get started, Rix has come up with 10 energy-saving tips.

1. Turn it down

There are some great tips for saving energy. Picture – supplied.There are some great tips for saving energy. Picture – supplied.
There are some great tips for saving energy. Picture – supplied.

Your thermostat can make a big difference when used effectively.

Try lowering the temperature by just one degree. You’ll probably not even notice the difference in your home but could reduce your heating bill by 10%!

Most modern thermostats have timer functions, so you can adjust your heating to suit your routine. Remember, leaving the heating on all the time to heat an empty home simply wastes energy, and money.

For more flexibility, consider smart heating controls which you can manage through a mobile phone app.

Winter is coming… and these are great energy saving ideas. Picture – supplied.Winter is coming… and these are great energy saving ideas. Picture – supplied.
Winter is coming… and these are great energy saving ideas. Picture – supplied.

2. Stay in control

There’s no point heating a room if you’re not using it – such as the bedroom during the day.

Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) fitted on your radiators can help you target which rooms you heat, and when.

You might already have them – they’ll be fitted on the side of your radiator.

Just turn the dial to where you want it. They detect the temperature of the room and adjust the flow of water in your radiator accordingly.

That way you’re not heating rooms unnecessarily.

It works best if they’re fitted all radiators, apart from in the bathroom.

3. Boiler checks

Regular boiler servicing is key for both efficiency and safety.

Rix Heating Services recommends boilers are serviced by OFTEC-registered engineers in accordance with the manufacturer's maintenance schedule, usually every 12 months.

Especially if it's an oil boiler, this will reduce it from over-burning fuel. That’ll help reduce energy bills and lower the emissions your boiler is producing.

4. A new start

Even a well-serviced and maintained boiler becomes less efficient over time.

If your boiler has been working hard for a while, it might be time for a new, A-rated boiler. Alongside a new boiler, swapping your existing radiators to high efficiency/low water content ones will help heat your home faster with less energy.

5. Room to breathe

Furniture, radiator covers, or even laundry, in front of radiators stifle the output of heat.

Clear a space so the warmth flows, and use clothes airers so radiators remain uncovered.

Trapped air in radiators stops them heating and they’ll need to be ‘bled’ to release it. An easy way to tell is if they feel cold at the top but warm at the bottom.

Make sure the heating is turned off before you do it though, to avoid the risk of burns.

6. Switch off

We all need to pull together to reduce energy usage – and every little bit helps.

Encourage everyone at home to switch off lights when they’re not needed, turn off appliances rather than using ‘stand-by’ mode and unplug unused electrical appliances.

Eventually, these small measures will help to decrease your energy usage dramatically, and therefore your bills.

7. Spread the cost

For readers using an oil boiler, you can help spread the cost of your heating oil bills by joining a payment plan.

Rix have two plans available, allowing you to buy your fuel and pay it off in monthly instalments. Or with a pre-payment plan, you have the ability to build up a savings account to use on future orders.

Spread the cost of your fuel, and discover the benefits of Rix payment plans here.

8. Layer up

Proper insulation makes a home cosy, saves money and energy.

Consider replacing old insulation with new to ensure you meet the recommended levels.

Insulating pipes keeps the heat in and the temperature of your water around 2°C higher than if the insulation wasn’t there.

Plus, it’ll help to prevent your pipes from freezing when it’s really cold – burst pipes are an expense no-one really wants.

9. Go green

Over one million homeowners in the UK have installed solar power to generate clean, green energy to bolster their energy usage, and reduce average household energy bills.

As well as boosting energy efficiency, you could increase your property's marketability.

Curious? Take a look at green energy solutions, including solar PV, EV charging units, and battery storage systems, provided by the qualified, experienced professionals at Rix Energy Services.

10. Invest in the future

Making changes to how you use energy at home may not mean instant savings, but eventually, it all adds up. Don’t forget to explore the Rix blog for more energy-saving tips and tricks.

Whether you need your oil boiler servicing, or interested in making the transition to green energy to transform your households energy usage, visit our website below to learn more.

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