Gardening jobs for the week ahead

It will stop raining at some point (honestly) and when it does here are some of the jobs to crack on with. At least the ground will be soft...

Get ready to sow the likes of polyanthus and pansies.

Get weeding – and then weeding some more. Pull out any annual weeds as they appear.

And get tough with perennial problems like buttercups and dandelions. Dig them up, root and all.

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Keep the watering can to hand – young plants have insatiable thirsts, and container-bound plants rely on you for regular feeding and watering.

While you’re watering, keep an eye out for pests and diseases because the earlier they are dealt with, the better the plants will be.

Prune spring-flowering shrubs and cut back early perennials that have finished blooming.

Get ready to plant winter brassicas and sow the likes of polyanthus and pansies (pictured) to produce hearty, healthy specimens.