Preserving Yorkshire’s Legacy With Vintage Cash Cow

Discover the stories behind some of Yorkshire’s most renowned antiques with Vintage Cash Cow’s experts. How many do you have lying around your home?
What could your vintage ‘bits and bobs’ be worth? Picture – supplied.What could your vintage ‘bits and bobs’ be worth? Picture – supplied.
What could your vintage ‘bits and bobs’ be worth? Picture – supplied.

Set in the heart of West Yorkshire, a place where history reverberates inside ancient halls, Vintage Cash Cow’s experts are hard at work identifying mountains of unloved artefacts. As the UK’s number one buyer of antiques, vintage items and collectables, they’re perfectly placed to explain more about Yorkshire’s iconic objects. Make yourself comfortable, and we’ll unearth more about our enchanting region.

Elegant Whitby Jet Jewellery

Along the rugged coastline of Whitby, the story of jet unfolds. These exquisite gemstones became a Victorian mourning custom in the 1800s and transformed grief into elegance with imagery depicting life, love and remembrance. At its peak popularity, hundreds of jet jewellers created necklaces, brooches, bracelets and more. However, these skills died in 1963 with Joe Lythe, the UK’s final jet apprentice.

Could you have treasure lying around in your home? Picture – supplied.Could you have treasure lying around in your home? Picture – supplied.
Could you have treasure lying around in your home? Picture – supplied.

Stunning Sheffield Silverware

In the heart of Sheffield’s industrial legacy, sparkles a timeless trove of silverware. In 1853, the Sheffield-based company Walker & Hall fused artistry with industry to create their exceptional silver plate cutlery. They quickly grew into one of the region’s most popular silversmiths and later opened stores across the UK, Australia and South Africa.

Beautiful Yorkshire Longcase Clocks

Clocks have maintained life’s steady rhythm in homes, farmhouses, pubs, train stations and beyond since the mid-1300s. The first longcase clock was developed by William Clement in 1670 and then recreated by Yorkshire’s renowned clockmakers, including Huddersfield’s George Savage and Doncaster’s Thomas Bell. Many of their timepieces still chime proudly throughout homes today.

Exquisite Sheffield Candlesticks

Since the dawn of the 18th century, Sheffield’s skilled artisans merged practicality with artistry to produce high-quality brass candlesticks from the heart of England’s metalworking hub. Over the years, simple designs evolved into increasingly elaborate candelabras for homes, churches, and palaces for decoration, illumination and remembrance.

Yorkshire's legacy as a beacon of culture and heritage

Vintage Cash Cow’s dedication to preserving Yorkshire’s legacy harks back to 2016. Over the years, they’ve bought thousands of quality Yorkshire pieces, plus millions of other unloved antiques, vintage items and collectables. So, if you’re considering decluttering your home and wish to earn some extra cash, click here for a helping hand. They’ll send you some free postage labels that will insure your items up to £10,000. Then, upon receiving your things, their experts will contact you with a free, no-obligation offer for everything within three to five working days. On accepting your personalised offer, you’ll enjoy instant cash in the bank or have your items returned for free. It’s a win-win situation.