Q&A: How can we store apples from our tree?

Q: This year, one of our apple trees has produced loads of fruit, far too much to eat or peel and freeze. How can we store them?

Q&A on apples

A: With care – store only the unblemished, unbruised, undamaged and store them in a frost-free but cool and well-ventilated, slightly-dark spot such as a garage or a garden shed.

If possible, find containers that will allow good air movement through the sides and over the top and then lay the apples in a single layer so they are not touching each other.

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If you are using such containers (wood are the best), the apples can be stacked on top of each other.

Be sure to handle them carefully to prevent any bruising which will shorten their shelf life

Keep the fruit away from strongly-scented things such as paint.

After that, it’s a case of checking regularly to see if any of the fruits show signs of damage or deterioration. But if the apples you chose were unblemished at the start, they should store well for weeks if not months.