TV's Kate Humble is happiest on her farm, as our Q&A reveals

Viewers are used to seeing TV's Kate Humble in remote parts of the world '“ living with the nomads of Mongolia, sharing the challenges faced by the tribesmen of Siberia. But away from the cameras she is at her happiest on farm in the Wye Valley.

Kate, husband Ludo and their dog, Badger

Kate, 46, and her husband, Ludo, bought the 117-acre property in Monmouthshire six years ago and have fought to make it viable. Most of the land is farmed by Tim and Sarah Stephens, who breed Welsh Mountain sheep and Hereford cattle, and Kate and Ludo run their “Humble by Nature” business from there. They run rural skills workshops, cookery courses and have three holiday lets, including a converted barn, cottage and a shepherd’s hut. They also grow their own food in an Aquaponics solar greenhouse and Kate says cooking the produce on her Esse range is “therapeutic”. She says: “I love getting together a whole host of local produce and thinking, ‘What can I make with this?’”

Questions for Kate

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Q: Describe your home style.

Kate uses an Esse stove in her farmhouse kitchen

A: It is shabby and not very chic. Feet and dogs are definitely allowed on the sofas. I have lots of books, pictures and things I’ve collected on my travels.

Q: What is your favourite piece of furniture and why?

A: We have a coffee table that was made by a local cabinet maker for us. It is very simple, very rustic and made from huge pieces of wood reclaimed from Newport Docks. I love the fact that it is made from recycled materials and is unique.

Q: Where do you shop for homeware?

Kate would love a sculpture by Sophie Ryder, like this one on display at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

A: I love finding old and unusual pieces. We have some friends called Roger and Sally who live over the river from us and find and restore lovely old wooden furniture. A lot of it is from Eastern Europe. Their shop is part of their house and is a real treasure trove. It’s called Pinewood Studios, which makes me giggle.

Q: What is on your interiors wish list?

A: If money were no object I’d love a sculpture by Sophie Ryder. One of the big ones. It would need to go in the garden, though.

Q: Where and what is your ideal home?

Kate uses an Esse stove in her farmhouse kitchen

A: I am a very restless person but our small-holding in the Wye valley feels more like home than anywhere I’ve lived in my adult life. It has beautiful views, is reached by a dirt track, is surrounded by woods and fields and the house itself is a very old stone Welsh farmhouse which sits perfectly within the landscape. However, I do have a little yearning to build a house that is made out of completely sustainable materials and makes the most of every latest bit of environmental innovation.

* Humble by Nature courses help visitors get an insight into rural life and crafts. Kate says: “We run courses that range from hedge-laying to candle making.

“We also give people tips and advice on animal husbandry and how to run their own small-holding. We show them that there’s a tremendous amount of hard work and planning that needs to go into it. Our lessons range from butchering your own pig to creating wonderful sausages, hams and salamis.”

Kate would love a sculpture by Sophie Ryder, like this one on display at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.