Yorkshire gardener Alistair Baldwin to feature in Sky's The Art of the Garden

He has beautified gardens at properties around the country. Now founder of the Yorkshire School of Garden Design, Alistair Baldwin, is appearing in episode six of the new series of Sky’s The Art of the Garden.
Garden designer Alistair Baldwin at Harewood House. Picture: Date: James Hardisty.Garden designer Alistair Baldwin at Harewood House. Picture: Date: James Hardisty.
Garden designer Alistair Baldwin at Harewood House. Picture: Date: James Hardisty.

Airing on Sky Arts on Tuesday, June 13 at 7pm, Alistair will be discussing work he has done for long-term clients such as Kinross House.

That is the main feature, but he will also talk about Bowcliffe Hall near Wetherby, York Gate in Adel, Leeds, and Linton House in Richmond, North Yorkshire.

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Alistair said that “lots of great things” have happened since being in House and Garden’s top 50 list last year, and he got a call about appearing on the programme following that accolade.

“I had to pinch myself to be honest,” he says. “Little old me in Yorkshire getting on and doing my thing, and having a programme made - that was very humbling and very exciting.”

Speaking about the 300-year-old Kinross House, Alistair says: “The project manager and I went up and we worked for 18 months to two years, I think, doing up (the) 90-acre estate, including the 10-acre walled garden.

"Some say it's the finest classical – as in its architectural style – finest classical house in Scotland.

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"So its proportions are staggering. The house and the walled garden and the landscaping are designed based on the classical proportion.”

Those proportions had gone from the gardens, but Alistair worked to re-establish them and sharpen them up.

"I think one of the reasons I have this affinity with it is because it felt like we were peeling back the historic layers and revealing this garden again and restoring its connection with the lock that it overlooks and Loch Leven Castle, which is on an island.”

Last year Alistair, 53, who lives in Richmond, North Yorkshire, launched the Yorkshire School of Garden Design at Harewood House near Leeds.

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One of its aims is to train designers for northern landscapes specifically.

"It's been a better start than I think I'd ever dreamed of,” he says.

“I took quite a punt on it but it's something I'd been wanting to do for 20 years and Harewood House had been great partners and hosts for me.

"I think because I've had this very fortuitous career where I've been able to work at these beautiful places for these very driven, visionary clients, it's given me a really good portfolio and back catalogue of projects. Also a pretty nifty little black book of contacts, and a bit of a following on social media, which I've worked really hard to get. So when I announced that I was doing these courses at this school, I was lucky that I had a bit of an audience.”

The programme can be viewed on Sky channel 130, as well as Freeview channel 11 and Freesat channel 147.

For more information about Alistair Baldwin and his work, visit www.alistairwbaldwin.co.uk