How to create an easy romantic up-do

Jess Graville at Rush Hair York explains how to create this fresh take on a classic chignon up-do (and then a chic little plait). Stephanie Smith finds out more.

A lovely and flattering updo by Rush Hair York but easy to achieve at home too.

Whatever your Valentine’s Day brings – a romantic dinner with a loved one or a ‘galentines’ night with friends – there’s always a place for a striking new hair look. An up-do or a back-plaited style will always give a romantic and elegant touch to whatever you are wearing, even a simple jeans and cashmere sweater outfit. Here, Rush Hair York salon manager Jess Graville explains how to style two fresh new looks.

Elegant up-do: “If you’re looking for something subtle, that still gives that high fashion sparkle, why not go for a simple knotted up-do,” says Jess.

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“Begin by backcombing the hair at the crown and setting with hairspray to create volume, then lock in place at the back of your head with grips.Then, grab two sections of hair from either side of the front and bring to the back of your head. If you want a flirtier look, leave some hair at the front loose to delicately frame your face. Tie both of the sections in the back with a single, or double knot if you can, and set in place with pins.

The romantitc plait.

“Do this again with two more sections, knot once more and move the leftover tails into the previous knot. Repeat again until all of the hair is used, and then secure in place with a stylish band or set of grips.”

Retro beehive braids: If you want to take plaits one step further and add wow, try a1960s-style beehive plait. Jess says: “Starting at the top of your hair, backcomb a three-inch section from the centre to the front of the crown. Lightly comb this back and set in place with hairspray, using grips if you want added security.

“Then start the plait by dividing your hair at the top of your head into three sections and crossing them over. Add small horizontal sections from either side into the main plait, ensuring it crosses over in the middle. Repeat again until all of your hair is plaited and then set it in place with a simple band for a sleek finish, or add some flare with an Alice band or signature hair slide.”

Rush HairYork is at 19 Market St, York, or visit or call 01904 236458 to book an appointment.

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