Lawn and disorder

Want to know how to while away two months of your life? Get a lawn, and get a lawn mower because, according to a new study, that’s how much time Britons spend cropping the grass.

The research, by artificial lawn retailer, Grono, sought to uncover the nation’s mowing habits by looking at time and frequency. Using the data provided, researchers calculated that we spend nearly two months, 6.8 weeks, of our lives cutting the grass.

Researchers asked respondents three questions. Firstly, to the nearest 10 minutes, how long does it take you to mow and edge your lawn? How many times month you do this? And, how many months a year do you cut the grass?

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According to the data, the average gardener spends roughly 60 minutes cutting and edging their lawn and this is done on average 2.4 times a month

The majority of respondents said that they mowed the lawn for eight months of the year, generally starting in March and ending in October. This equated to around 19.2 hours a year spent trimming the grass. Over the course of a lifetime, this figure rockets to a staggering 6.8 weeks of lawnmower action.

One woman said: “My husband is absolutely obsessed with our lawn – he cuts it at least three times a week, feeds it almost every night and trims the edges by hand. In fact, I have even known him to get the vacuum out and Hoover the lawn

“After the kids, me and the dog, I think the back lawn is his number-one priority – well, at least I hope it’s in that order.”

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Another man said of the poll: “I absolutely hate mowing the lawn and leave it as long as I can before I have to do it.

“We’ve got quite a big garden with lots of grass, so it always takes me forever to cut it. I am sorely tempted to buy one of those sit-on lawn mowers, or, even better, a goat.”

Cutting the grass is a chore you either love or hate. There are people who spend hours manicuring a lawn the size of a postage stamp, and others who have acres which they let grow to waist height.

And, of course, there are all those 
people who have neither a lawn nor 
a lawn mower, which gives them two extra months to sit and watch the telly...

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