Plastic free cleaning range now stocked in Booths stores in Yorkshire is perfect for spring cleans

From top to bottom decluttering to deep cleaning, many households will use March through to May as their springboard to bid winter farewell, reset their home and refresh their surroundings.

Helping households clean naturally this Spring is plastic-free cleaning range Seep, which is newly available at Booths stores across Yorkshire.

Seep offers eco-friendly products including plastic free sponges, all-purpose bamboo cloths, anti-bacterial copper scourers and biodegradable rubber gloves, allowing everyone to make small, greener choices every day. Seep was founded in lockdown by Laura Harnett after she was frustrated at the lack of stylish, eco-friendly accessories in the cleaning tools aisle. Now it is the only B-Corp cleaning accessory brand in Europe, with a goal to prevent 1bn plastic cleaning items from ending up in landfill by 2030.

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Laura says: “Consumers who choose an eco-friendly cleaning spray should have the option to use a plastic-free sponge with it. We throw out six-hundred-million cleaning tools in the UK each year and that’s an awful lot of plastic sponges going into landfill. I’m really excited to be listed in Booths stores across Lancashire to help households do their bit to clean green this Spring and beyond.”

Seep Founder Laura Harnett with her eco cleaning range now stocked in Booths stores in YorkshireSeep Founder Laura Harnett with her eco cleaning range now stocked in Booths stores in Yorkshire
Seep Founder Laura Harnett with her eco cleaning range now stocked in Booths stores in Yorkshire

Seep products available at Booths stores include the recyclable copper scourers, Fair Trade FSC-certified rubber gloves, compostable sponge with loofah scourer, sponge cloths with a stylish lemon design, bamboo cloths and the compostable bin liners.

With the cleaning accessories ready to go from Booths, Seep founder Laura shares four tips to embark on Spring cleaning consciously and naturally:

  1. Declutter without dumping. Spring is a great opportunity to assess what you have compared to what you don't need. Decluttering helps streamline your home and bring a sense of calm. But before you reach for a bin bag and fill up the landfill, declutter with care. Recycle! Donate to friends, family, charity or share on apps such as Olio or Nextdoor. For some extra cash, sell unwanted items on eBay or Vinted, which is great for clothes as they don’t charge commission on your sales.
  2. Stock up the eco-way. Prep your Spring clean with eco-friendly tools and store cupboard essentials such as baking soda, so you’re not filling your home with chemicals. A solution of white vinegar, lemon, water, and rosemary inside a recycled plastic or glass spray bottle makes for a brilliant all-purpose cleaner - just avoid using vinegar on stainless steel or granite. Prep ahead of your Spring clean to allow the lovely scent of rosemary to infuse. Make a fresh batch regularly for your on-going household cleaning.
  3. Clean for efficiency. Clean ovens are more energy efficient because the heat is distributed efficiently with less energy needed. An eco-friendly way to clean an oven is mixing baking soda and water to create a thick paste to spread on. Leave it over night to soak into the grime then scrub off using a Seep Eco Sponge with Scourer. Fridges can be made more efficient by vacuuming the filters on the side of your fridge to clear away any dust that may be obstructing air going in and out and helping the refrigeration process. Washing machines also need a regular clean with white vinegar to remove residue from fabric softeners and dirt from clothes.
  4. Treat, restore and repair. If your sofa, rugs, or furniture are looking a bit tired, it might be tempting to replace them, but all that might be needed is a good clean, a treatment or upcycle. Hire a cost effective, professional carpet cleaner and choose to do it on a sunny day when everyone is out to allow the carpets to properly dry. Deep-clean the upholstery and a chair may look as good as new. Feed your wooden furniture. Breath in some new life to a tired item with a fresh coat of paint and new handles. Also see if there are cracks in the walls and skirting boards that need re-caulking, as this will also help with any draughts and help keep the heat in.

Get ready for a more eco-friendly Spring Clean with Seep, which is available at Booth stores in Ilkley, Ripon and Settle now. Discover more at