Yorkshire business invokes War of the Roses with ‘be reyt’ and 'our kid’ candles inspired by founders’ cross-Pennine rivalry

The founders of Flaming Crap - a West Yorkshire-based candle company - have paid homage to their Yorkshire and Lancashire roots with their latest offering.

The Yorkshire candle carries a white rose scent

Co-founders Oliver Burr and Alex Hickson hail from Harrogate in North Yorkshire and Blackpool in Lancashire respectively, and created the £12.99 ‘Be Reyt’ and ‘Our Kid’ candles to honour their home counties.

Inspired by their cross-Pennine rivalry, the couple have scented the new candles with White and Red Rose aromas and plan to begin a competition to see which county will win out when it comes to candle sales.

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Oliver Burr, Co-Founder of Flaming Crap said: “Whilst many of our products have appealed to customers worldwide, we wanted to create something that honoured both our roots.

The candles were inspired by the pair's cross-Pennine rivalry

“Now both living in West Yorkshire, it seemed only right we created something that honoured both Yorkshire and Lancashire.

“We like to create candles that have a story behind them, and these are no different. The subtle differences in scents between the white and red roses make for a really enticing burning experience.”

This is not the first time the company has experimented with unusual candle scents, with previous products including their ‘One Night Standle’ and their ‘2020 Scent’ - a four-layered candle evoking the scents of the first lockdown.

The business also puts an emphasis on ensuring all its products are ethically and environmentally friendly, using vegan soy wax, and recycled labels and packaging.